Tyler Junior College

Nursing, Associate Degree

How to Apply

Application Process Key Dates – Traditional spring 2017 & Tyler Transition spring/summer 2017 Application Period Timeline:

July 5-August 12

Transcript/eligibility evaluation & HESI ticket distribution (by appointment only).

July 5-August 13

HESI testing available in the testing center.

August 15

All applications for nursing admission must be received by 12 (noon). Only completed application packets will be accepted and considered.

August 29

Students will be notified of their application points through email provided on the student’s application.

August 30-Sept 2

Student dispute period: should an applicant issue arise, the student must email the nursing administrative assistant describing the problem. After the dispute period all applications will be considered correct and no changes will be made.

Sept 16

Candidates will receive an email regarding their admission status.

Sept 23

By noon, candidates must email the nursing administrative assistant indicating acceptance or regrets.

Vacancies may occur. The vacancies will be offered to the next ranked candidate by email or phone.

Admitted nursing students are required to attend Success Camp.

Associate Degree Nursing – Steps to Apply

Step One

General Admission to Tyler Junior College

All applicants must have applied to Tyler Junior College (TJC), been accepted and have an ‘A Number’. You can apply to TJC at www.tjc.edu/apply

In order to apply to the ADN program you must be TSI complete. The ADN program requires you to be complete at the statistics level for math. For information regarding your TSI status contact the Nursing & Health Sciences Academic Advising office at (903) 510-2662, or you can visit the testing center webpage at http://www.tjc.edu/testing.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not attended TJC for more than two consecutive semesters you may be required to reapply for admission to the college.

Step Two

July 5 – August 12

Schedule Appointment

Click here to schedule your transcript/eligibility evaluation.

If all of your transcripts have not been received and processed by the registrar’s office, you must bring official transcripts to your appointment.

You will only need to provide official transcripts for each college that has not been evaluated or posted to your TJC account.

If you have previously submitted a transcript, but have taken classes after this transcript was evaluated, an updated transcript will be required.
(Please bring this official transcript to the appointment).

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have an ‘A number’ or you are missing transcripts, we will not be able to verify your eligibility and you will have to reschedule your appointment to complete your application or receive a testing ticket.

Step Three

July 5 – August 12

Transcript/Eligibility Evaluation Appointment

The ADN staff will review your transcripts, required GPA, estimated points, license eligibility and other important information regarding your application to the nursing program.

During this appointment you will complete your program application form and sign all applicant acknowledgement forms. You will also be provided with a copy of the ADN program guidelines as well as policies & procedures.

At the end of the appointment you will be given an application checklist. The checklist will indicate your application completion status and will also have comments on any documentation that you will be required to submit before the application deadline.

If you need to take the HESI or GAP placement exam, you will be issued your testing ticket.

PLEASE NOTE: No documentation will be accepted after the deadline, if your application is incomplete at the time the application period closes, it will not be considered for selection.

Step Four

July 5 – August 13

Placement Exam

You must have a testing ticket in order to take the placement exam at TJC’s testing center. The testing center is located on the 2nd floor of Rogers Student Center. For more testing information visit http://www.tjc.edu/testing/ or call 903-510-2617.

The placement exam may only be taken twice during the application period. If the minimum passing score is not reached on the first attempt, you may retest in that area once per semester. If you need to retest please contact the ADN office and receive a retest ticket.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you take the exam early due to limited seat availability.

Step Five

August 15

Document Submission

Once you have passed each section of the placement exam submit your scores to the ADN office.

If you have other supporting documentation that you need to submit, it is requested that you submit all of the paperwork at one time, before the specified deadline.

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for all documentation to be submitted will be at 12pm (noon) on Monday, August 15, 2016. All grades for courses in progress must be submitted by this deadline. Only complete application packets will be considered for selection.

Step Six

August 16 –

September 2

Application Review

Once your application has been submitted, the department will begin the task of processing each application. A final checklist review will be emailed to your TJC student email account no later than August 29 (you were provided instructions on how to check your student email account in your eligibility evaluation appointment).

Carefully review your application overview and email the ADN department of any corrections that need to be made. If there are no corrections, you do not need to email the department to notify them of this.

PLEASE NOTE: All corrections must have been emailed to the ADN department by 12 pm (noon) on Friday, September 2, 2016. If corrections have not been emailed by this deadline the application will be considered correct and will move forward to the selection process. No changes to an application can be made after this date.

Step Seven

September 16

Placement Emails

Once the admissions committee has met to review the applications and approved final selection of the candidates, placement emails will be sent to your TJC student email account (you were provided instructions on how to check your student email account in your eligibility evaluation appointment).

Please do not contact the office before this date requesting status updates on your application. No updates will be provided. High volumes of phone calls regarding your application causes delays in processing the applications, and could cause a delay in sending placement emails.

Step Eight

September 23
12PM noon


With each accepted placement letter, there will be a link to complete an online submission form stating whether you would like to accept or decline your position.

Alternates are selected for each program. If you do not receive a specified alternate email then you are not considered an alternate.

Alternates can and will be called through orientation which is typically 1-2 weeks prior to the start of school.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not release the total number of applicants who applied to each program, and we do not release alternate placement rankings. If a seat becomes available the next alternate will be sent a change of status email.

‘Conditionally Accepted’ means that you have been accepted to the program, pending the completion and passing of the drug screen, background check, and receiving all required immunizations.

Step Eight

Drug Screen/Background Check/ Health Records/ Orientation

Following acceptance into the program, you will be provided with a lot of information regarding your drug screen, background check, immunizations, orientation, book lists, supplies and uniforms. It is recommended that you check your student email account on a daily basis so you do not miss any important information.

PLEASE NOTE: The ADN Department will register you for all of your first semester nursing courses, you do not need to self-register.

Success Camp

Admitted nursing students are required to attend ‘Success Camp’. This activity is mandatory and the dates and times will be emailed as soon as they are determined.