Tyler Junior College

Course Proposal Submission

Course Proposal Submission and Review Process

  1. Complete a Course Proposal Cover Sheet, Foundational Component Area Justification Form and Student Learning Outcome Alignment Form for each course.
  2. Attach document of approval signed by all faculty expected to teach the course (including adjunct).
  3. Faculty member submits electronic and hard copies of items 1 and 2 to the department chair.
  4. Department chair approval.
  5. Department Chair submits electronic and hard copies to the school dean.
  6. Dean approval.
  7. Dean submits electronic and hard copies of all forms and approvals to the General Education Committee for review October 1 of the year previous to the year of activation. Proposals that have insufficient information and/or fail to meet these criteria will be returned to the submitting department chair who will have one (1) week to make revisions. Re-submission of proposals is encouraged.
  8. General Education Committee will evaluate proposals with a rubric. Courses with scores of 3 or 4 in all categories will be eligible to be considered for inclusion in the General Education Core Curriculum.
  9. General Education Committee will submit the proposed Core Curriculum course change to the Academic Standards Committee by the following January.
  10. The remainder of the campus approval process is as follows: Curriculum and Instruction Committee, Academic Affairs, and Executive Cabinet.
  11. Upon approval by Executive Cabinet, the appropriate forms will be completed and sent to the THECB.

NOTE: Submission Timeframe is August 15 through October 1 each year. Make sure you allow enough time for appropriate approvals.