Tyler Junior College

Disbursement & Refund Dates and Information

HigherOne Account

TJC will now disburse all financial aid refunds through each student’s HigherOne Account. Visit tjcdebitcard.com to select one of the following disbursement options:

  • Have your funds put on the HigherOne Debit Card
  • Have your refund deposited directly to your own bank account through HigherOne within 3-5 business days of the fund release date.
  • Receive a paper check from HigherOne within 5-7 business days of the fund release date.

All TJC refunds are processed on the HigherOne Debit Card. The TJC HigherOne Debit Card are automatically issued by the institution to the student after they have completed their registration process and mailed by HigherOne to new students.

This is not a credit card. Students need to make sure their address and personal information is correct on their student account.

For more information please refer to FAQs in Apache Access, or contact Business Services, White Administration Building, 2nd floor, at 903-510-2569 or email at BusinessServices@tjc.edu for more information.