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Disbursement & Refund Dates and Information

Disbursement & Refund Dates

You could have multiple disbursement & refund dates depending on when your classes begin, the type of financial aid you are receiving, your enrollment status, and when you are awarded.

Award Notification Letters will be sent to you once your folder has processed through the final review. Award Notification Letters must be sent before any remaining amount can be calculated.

The Stafford Loan MPN (master promissory note) must be completed at least 10 days before a fund release date. Any delay in your MPN will mean a delay in receiving any remaining amounts.

  • What is a disbursement? When financial aid funds liquidate or convert into a payment towards student accounts. This is not the date refunds will be available on the HigherOne Debit Card.
  • What is a refund? After financial aid has disbursed and a student's account balance has been paid in full, if remaining funds are available, students will receive a refund. Refunds are made available each Monday on a weekly basis, but subject to change due to bank holidays, etc. Watch your Apache Access traffic lights to see when your refund will process.
  • When will I receive my HigherOne Debit Card? HigherOne Debit Cards usually arrive by mail after classes have started but before initial refunds. Click the HigherOne Account link for more information on activating, replacement cards, and to watch the orientation video.
  • When are the general disbursement/refund dates?
    Fall -
    • All grants; loans for non-first-time borrowers: mid-September
    • Loans for first-time borrowers: late September
    Spring -
    • All grants; loans for non-first-time borrowers: early February
    • Loans for first-time borrowers: mid to late February

Spring 2015:

  • Spring classes that begin Jan. 12, 2015 will disburse Jan. 28, 2015
  • Spring classes that begin Feb. 9, 2015 will disburse Feb. 9, 2015
  • Spring classes that begin March 16, 2015 will disburse March 16, 2015
  • If you are a first-time loan borrower, loans will disburse Feb. 10, 2015

Initial Refunds Date:

Monday, Feb. 2, 2015 - Does not include Scholarships or State grants. Pell grant & Loans ONLY will be refunded on this day.

Refunds are usually made available each Monday on a weekly basis, but subject to change. Watch your Apache Access traffic lights to see your refund process.

REMEMBER: All financial aid requirements must be completed before any awards will disburse. Students receiving loans MUST complete entrance loan counseling and MPN before loans disburse.

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Financial Aid

Email: faid@tjc.edu
Phone: 903-510-2385
Fax: 903-510-2794
Fax is the preferred method for submitting required documents. Please make sure to include your name and A# when sending these documents.