Tyler Junior College

How Much Does It Cost?

Visit College For All Texans Net Price Calculator to compare cost of attendance amounts at Texas colleges and universities. Note: Cost of attendance (COA) is a yearly amount used by financial aid offices to determine financial aid awards for students. COA includes direct costs (amounts paid to the school) and indirect costs (amounts not paid to the school) so the "net price" given on this link may not necessarily be your actual payment to Tyler Junior College.

"Tuition, fees, and other expenses are subject to change by vote of the Board of Trustees or the legislature of the State of Texas." Payment of tuition and fees is due in full by the payment deadline. Students' schedules with unpaid tuition and fees by the payment deadline will be dropped for non-payment.

For information about residency classification (in-district or out-of-district), please see our Residency Classification page. Are you unsure if you live in the Tyler Junior College district or do you think you should be eligible to have your residency changed? If so, contact Admissions for more information.

tuition fee comparison chart

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