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Students sweep awards at state conference

Published Tuesday, 15th April 2014

Tyler Junior College communications and media students swept the competition at their annual state conference, taking the top honors in their divisions for newspaper and online.

The students won First Place for Overall Excellence for Newspaper Division 4, as well as Sweepstakes for Newspaper Division 4 and Sweepstakes for Online Division 2 during the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) conference April 10-12 in San Antonio.

In addition, TJC alumnus and Dallas Morning News columnist Steve Blow was inducted into the TIPA Hall of Fame.

The students placed in an array of categories from design and layout, to news and sports feature writing, to photography and online multimedia packages.

"I am proud of my students who showed that TJC is preparing them with the tools to succeed in an ever-changing news business," said Laura Krantz, TJC department chair of communications and student media. "I am particularly proud of our showing in the Online and Broadcasting categories where we went head-to-head with some of the largest universities in the state, including private schools."

Awards the students received for previously published work were:

Newspaper: Division 4 
First Place, Overall Excellence, Apache Pow Wow Staff
First Place, Special Section/Edition, Pow Wow staff
First Place, Page One Design, Taylor Griffin
First Place, Photo Illustration, Favian Quezada
First Place, Ad Design, Brandon Frisby
First Place, Sports Feature Story, Stephen Nunnelee 
First Place, Sports Column, Ani Umana
First Place, Sports News Story, Cory McCoy
First Place, Headline Writing, Brandon Frisby
First Place, News Story, Ashleigh Brents
First Place, News Photo, Cory McCoy
First Place, Single Subject Design, Favian Quezada
Second Place, News Feature Story, Hannah Johnson
Second Place, Feature Story, Favian Quezada
Second Place, Editorial/Opinion Page Design, Hannah Johnson
Second Place, News Photo, Kevin Ramos
Second Place, Picture Story, Hannah Johnson
Third Place, Photo Illustration, Kevin Ramos
Third Place, Editorial, Pow Wow staff
Third Place, Feature Page Design, Brittany Weatherspoon
Honorable Mention, Feature Page Design, Brittany Weatherspoon
Honorable Mention, Sports Page Design, Ani Umana
Honorable Mention, Single Subject Design, Sarah Trexler and Hannah Johnson
Honorable Mention, Information Graphic, Amanda Chance

Online: Division 2
First Place, Best Community Engagement, MyTJCNews staff
First Place, Best Breaking News Video, MyTJCNews staff
First Place, Best Breaking News Package, MyTJCNews staff
First Place, Best Use of Multimedia Package, Favian Quezada
First Place, Best Use of Mapping, Cory McCoy
Second Place, Best Use of Multimedia Package, Grace Malone and Justin Frazier
Second Place, Best Web Site Navigation, MyTJCNews staff
Second Place, Best Audio Slideshow, Whitley Crawford
Second Place, Best Video Package, Kevin Ramos
Third Place, Best Use of Mapping, MyTJCNews staff
Third Place, Best Breaking News Video, Cory McCoy

Broadcast: Open Division 
Second Place, Television News Feature Story, Kevin Ramos and Grace Malone
Second Place, Television News Feature Story, Justin Frazier
Second Place, Television Commercial PSA, Delaney Bentley
Third Place, Commercial PSA Radio, MyTJCNews Staff
Third Place, Documentary Radio, Kevin Ramos
Third Place, Television Documentary, Sharon Guthrie
Honorable Mention, Television Documentary, Kevin Ramos
Honorable Mention, Television News Non-Feature Story, MyTJCNews staff
Honorable Mention, Television Production, Sharon Guthrie
Honorable Mention, Best Overall Newscast, MyTJCNews staff
Honorable Mention, Television Sports Feature Story, Stephen Nunnelee

On-site Contests: Open Division 
First Place, Headline Writing, Cory McCoy 
First Place, Sports Writing, Nathan Wright
Third Place, Radio Advertising, Brittany Weatherspoon
Honorable Mention, TV Advertising, Melissa Renick
Honorable Mention, Print Advertising, Kati Fitzpatrick
Honorable Mention, Radio News Writing, Brian Rhoads
Honorable Mention, TV Announcing, Brittany Weatherspoon

The Texas Intercollegiate Press Association (TIPA) consists of member public and private community colleges and four-year universities in Texas that teach journalism or have existing or planned student publications. The annual awards honor excellence in student media. Forty-seven schools and almost 500 delegates attended the annual conference in San Antonio.

Author: Laura Jett Krantz

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