Tyler Junior College

Power outage on campus

Published Saturday, 26th January 2013

A power outage on the Main Tyler Junior College campus today forced the cancellation of an SAT exam and the postponement of men’s and women’s basketball games.

One building, Genecov Science Building, was evacuated because of smoke caused by the sudden loss of power to electrical motors.

The outage occurred about 11:20 a.m.

Students taking the SAT exam in Jenkins Hall were asked to leave and the exam was canceled.

Two residence halls were not affected by the power outage, which involved a main power line near the intersection of Baxter Avenue and Lake Street. Hudnall Hall and Bateman Hall both have full electrical power.

Men’s and women’s basketball games against Paris Junior College have been rescheduled for 2 p.m. (ladies) and 4 p.m. on Sunday, in Wagstaff Gym.

Maintenance crews said initial repairs will take until at least late tonight. It is hoped that full power will be restored by midnight. However, further electrical work will need to be completed at a later date as the outage caused significant damage to underground power lines.

All scheduled classes and activities for the day have been canceled.

Resident students of halls without power will be offered the opportunity to move temporarily to Bateman and Hudnall halls.

Author: Fred M. Peters


All power has been restored. Facilities and Construction will continue to work on minor issues, but nothing that should impede full operation of campus. Dorms are available for occupation as well as Wagstaff Gymnasium.  

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