Tyler Junior College

Agendas, Reports and Minutes

Faculty Senate

Date: Tuesday, 4th September 2007

Minutes: Read the Minutes

  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Senate President Shelley Kersh with an opening blessing by President Elect Byron Howell.
  2. Roll Call and Quorum Determination: The Faculty Senate secretary took roll and noted that 22 senators were in attendance at the beginning of the meeting, which constituted a quorum. At the end of the meeting, 29 senators were in attendance.
    1. School of Applied Studies: Gigi Delk, Lindsey Gainer, Shelley Kersh, Lynn Sitton, Don Stewart, and Torrey Wylie. (All Senators in attendance.)
    2. School of Allied Health & Nursing: Lisa Baker, Phyllis Brunner, Kay Caufield, Carrie Hobbs, and Nancy Torre. (Senator not in attendance: Ginger Christiansen.)
    3. School of Preparatory Studies: Patti Casey, Kathrine Murray, Margaret Rapp, and Rynda Sligh. (All Senators in attendance.)
    4. School of University Studies: Alan Barnes, Traci Borum, Joan Bruckwicki, Shannon Cross, Linda Gary, M’Liss Hindman, Barbara Holland, Byron Howell, Marsha Layton, David McClendon, James Richey, Madeleine Ross, Mandy Stubblefield (for Jeffrey Owens), Idalia Trent, and Deborah Welch. (Senators not in attendance: Jacob Huval, Ed MacPherson, Bridget Moore, and Kenneth Murphy.)
  3. Approval of the Minutes from April 2007
    1. One correction was made to the April minutes, clarifying that the motion not to hold a May 2007 meeting was made, seconded, and carried in an online Special Call meeting held on April 3, 2007.
    2. The motion to approve the amended minutes was made, seconded, and carried with 22 votes.
  4. Welcome from the Provost
    1. Dr. Escamilla gave his thanks to President Shelley Kersh for taking on the responsibilities of Faculty Senate President, and he also voiced his support for all of the Faculty Senators. His comments included that in his second year on the job he is still learning every day. He believes that support for instruction should be first and foremost. He looks to the Faculty Senate to provide leadership regarding policy. The College can look forward to policy changes with a new College President on the horizon, and he expects the Faculty Senate to act as a unified body and leave its thumbprint on policy changes. He points out that the new President, Dr. Metke, reached his administrative position by advancing through the academic ranks and serving as a former chief academic officer. Dr. Escamilla expects Dr. Metke’s presence to bolster the strength of an already strong faculty.
    2. The Faculty Senate presented Dr. Escamilla with a TJC t-shirt for his infant son, and offered its congratulations on the addition to his family.
  5. Report by the Faculty Senate President
    1. President Kersh thanked the TJC Family for recent support.
    2. The TCCTA Membership Drive is underway. Please join.
      1. Gigi Delk is the 2007-08 campus representative.
      2. Faculty may enroll online or by check and the traditional membership form (mailed either to Austin or sent to Gigi Delk in campus mail)
      3. Payroll deduction is available in September. Send the deduction form to Gigi Delk, along with the membership form.
      4. Keep in mind that only members who have purchased the liability insurance may receive legal advice from TCCTA.
      5. The annual TCCTA Conference will be held in Dallas on February 21-23, 2008. Typically when the conference is in Dallas or Ft. Worth, we do not have enough people to charter a bus.
    3. M’Liss Hindman will serve as Faculty Senate Parliamentarian, with the goals of shortening meetings and protecting the minority voice. Achieving a quorum is important. The Senate is composed of 37 members, so a 60% quorum is achieved when 22 Senators are in attendance.
    4. Dr. Mike Metke will visit the campus in September 26, 2007. The current Faculty Senate President, along with past presidents, will have the opportunity to meet with him on that day.
    5. Introduction of Faculty Senate Cabinet for 2007-08.
  6. Committee Reports: Announcement of Committees
    1. Academic Affairs Committee: Byron Howell, Chair; Phyllis Brunner; Barbara Holland; David McClendon; Kathrine Murray; Don Stewart; Idalia Trent
    2. Rules Committee: Joan Bruckwicki, Chair; Patti Casey; Carrie Hobbs; Ed MacPherson; Bridget Moore; Lynn Sitton; Mandy Stubblefield for Jeff Owens
    3. Student Relations Committee: Margaret Rapp, Chair; Traci Borum; Gigi Delk; Marsha Layton; Madeleine Ross; Nancy Torre
    4. Faculty Development Committee: Lisa Baker, Chair; Ginger Christiansen; Shannon Cross; Lindsey Gainer; Kenneth Murphy; Deborah Welch
    5. Instructional Support Services Committee: Jim Richey, Chair; Alan Barnes; Kay Caufield; Linda Gary; M’Liss Hindman; Jacob Huval; Torrey Wylie
  7. Old Business
    1. Faculty Senate on the Move: The September open-forum will be held on Tuesday, September 11 in the Jean Brown Theatre Conference Room (inside the Speech and Theatre Offices).
    2. Parking signs: A new Faculty/Staff parking sign is now in place for the lower Genecov lot that is directly in front of Pirtle.
    3. Scantron demonstration: President Shelley Kersh met with the Provost and Deans over the summer, and they are hopeful that the College can acquire one to two new machines, but must wait for the 2007-08 budget to become available. The older P882 Scantron machines are still available on an exchange program.
    4. Clocks on campus (item not on agenda): As a service to our students, campus clocks should be set to the correct time, and this becomes especially important after a time change. Some funds in Pirtle have been used to purchase atomic clocks, but consistency with maintaining the correct time on all clocks is a concern across the campus. Action: Referred to Instructional Support Services Committee
  8. New Business
    1. Parking Concerns: How can the College provide a student-friendly parking experience?
      1. How can the College provide a deterrent to beginning-of-the semester parking concerns?
      2. What information is provided to students at freshman orientation regarding parking lots and their designations?
      3. Can the Genecov lot designation be made visible from all directions?
      4. Could the Apache Band’s morning parking-lot use be staggered a few minutes to maximize parking during “prime time”?
      5. What feasible method do other colleges use to control parking violations?
      6. Ultimately, providing good customer service to students is a College goal, and that includes parking. Action: Referred to Instructional Support Services Committee (Physical Plant Issue)
    2. Cleaning and Night Crew Concerns: How can the college alleviate concerns regarding the cleaning crews, both during the day and at night?
      1. Some faculty members are concerned finding their offices unlocked when they arrive in the morning.
      2. Some faculty members are concerned about office access while the night crew cleans.
      3. Can individual faculty members request that the night crew not clean their offices?
      4. Faculty members are concerned about the state of campus facilities.
        1. Restrooms are frequently unclean all over campus, but especially in Jenkins Hall.
        2. The new floor in Jenkins Hall is dirty because the night crew sweeps, but does no mopping.
      5. Faculty members are concerned about maintenance issues, specifically about a faulty restroom faucet in Genecov that was disconnected rather than repaired. Action: Referred to Instructional Support Services Committee.
    3. Smoking on Campus: Can designated smoking areas be diverted from the pathways where people walk? Both the Student Senate and the Faculty Senate are concerned about smoking on campus. Action: Referred to Student Relations Committee
    4. Campus Emergency Plan: What plans are in place for both catastrophic and emergency incidents?
      1. Is the College updating its emergency response plan in case of catastrophe? Portions of the Emergency Response Plans currently posted in classrooms may be outdated (April 2001). Has the College considered methods of communicating information quickly across campus other than cell phone calls and text messaging, such as flatscreen monitors and/or marquees posted around campus? Would flat screen monitors posted around campus aid in communicating urgent information during emergencies?
      2. Is the College updating its response plans in the event of emergency situations, such as a student suffering diabetic shock during class?
        1. Do the campus safety kits need updating?
        2. Faculty members are interested in Faculty Development Programs to aid in first-line emergency approaches in the classroom. These programs should not be limited to first aid procedures, though the health programs are willing to help with this type of training, if a venue is provided. Action: Referred to Faculty Development Committee
    5. Registration: Will there be a critique of registration, and will a Faculty Senate representative be included? Action: Referred to Academic Affairs Committee
    6. Banner migration: Online rosters are currently not printer friendly or faculty friendly. The web registration columns are not useful to faculty, but listing a student’s telephone number and major on the rolls would be useful. Action: Referred to Academic Affairs Committee
    7. Bookstore: Some faculty members fielded complaints from students about the textbooks being unavailable at the on-campus bookstore. Is an ample supply of textbooks being provided for each course, especially for students on financial aid who cannot purchase textbooks from the off-campus store? Action: Referred to Student Relations Committee
  9. Announcements
    1. The Family Learning Center of Tyler is operating under the management of Tyler Junior College. Partners in the financial support and facility support of the center are The Literacy Council of Tyler, Region VII ESC Early Head Start, and Tyler Independent School District. The center provides quality child care in four early childhood classrooms, while the Literacy Council of Tyler provides adult ESL and GED preparation classes in three classrooms. The program is serving 40 children from the ages of birth to five years of age.
    2. The art track for the video gaming degree was approved by the Graphic Arts Advisory Board and will be officially placed in the upcoming College catalog. The programming track for video game design is included in the current catalogue. This is a five-semester degree plan in which a team of artists/animators and programmers work together to design a video game. There are several project courses where these teams come together, and then in the fifth semester they create a game for a portfolio. The artist will be using animation software called 3ds max to create the scenes and characters.
    3. Scholars Academy and the TRIO Program will hold a bake sale tomorrow (September 5, 2007) to benefit the East Texas Crisis Center.
    4. The faculty senators will receive copies of the Faculty Senate Constitution and By-laws at the October Faculty Senate meeting.
  10. Adjournment: A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. President Kersh announced the adjournment at 4:10 p.m.