Tyler Junior College


All users of the facility will be required to show their identification card at the check-in center desk. Credit Students, Faculty/Staff, and President’s Circle may bring their immediate family members as guest; they must remain in the building with them. All guests must register at the check-in Center Desk. A family ID card is available for faculty/staff and may be purchased by paying $5.00 per person at the cashier's office and then taking the receipt to Campus Police.

A towel, a lock, and a day locker will be made available to those who are eligible to use the facility by leaving their ID card at the check-in desk.

Users of the Ornelas HPE Center are required to wear appropriate workout attire. This attire consists of a full shirt, non-denim bottoms, and appropriate tennis shoe type footwear. Metal belts and jeans of any kind are prohibited in the cardio room, weight room, and aquatics center as it may cause damage to the upholstery or equipment.

The Ornelas HPE Center reserves the right to deny access to anyone inappropriately dressed. Inappropriate dress includes, but is not limited to: string tank tops, exercise top/bra combinations, any article displaying profanity, obscenity, vulgar pictures or messages. NO PROFANITY IN THE ORNELAS HPE CENTER.

Racquetball procedures are available upon request at the Ornelas HPE Center Check-In Desk. A one hour court reservation may be made up to 24 hrs. in advance for two or more players by calling 903-510-2555.

Continuing Studies classes are scheduled each semester. These classes require formal enrollment and tuition fees. The Continuing Studies Card entitles the individual access to their class in the Ornelas HPE Center.

Food and drink are permitted only in the lounge area of the first floor. The use of tobacco products of any kind is not permitted.

Proper use of equipment is a must by all patrons, students, and Faculty/staff. Any questions regarding usage should be directed to the Ornelas HPE Center staff and faculty. Please help us maintain our equipment and our safety. Parents or adults/guardian must closely supervise children. This applies to everywhere in the facility.

Tyler Junior College gives equal consideration to all applicants for admission, employment, and participation in its programs and activities without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, gender, age, marital status, or disability or veteran status.

NOTE: All schedules are subject to change due to future special programs and other unforeseen events.

OHPE Center

Located on TJC's main campus

Telephone: 903-510-2555

Continuing Studies

TJC West Campus
Office of Continuing Studies
Regional Training and Development Complex
Phone: 903-510-2900
GED Classes: 903-533-0330

Address: 1530 SSW Loop 323
Tyler, TX 75701-2599