Tyler Junior College

Electrical/Electronic Controls Technology

Through concentrated classroom instruction and hands-on laboratory work, students gain a solid foundation in basic electrical concepts, motors and control applications, and then advance to electronics, measurement and calibration, electrical codes and automated control systems. Understanding and knowledge is developed through extensive work with equipment, including DC and AC motors, PLCs, variable speed drive systems and computer software programs created for engineering, designing, drafting and troubleshooting.

Successful completion of the program concludes in the award of an Associate of Applied Science degree.

Certification and Advancement

Workers are generally classified into three levels of technicians based on experience and specialized training: apprentice, journeyman, and senior. Graduates of the Electrical/Electronic Controls Technology program will normally start at the upper apprentice level. With sufficient training both on the job and specialized training provided by the controls manufacturers, an employee can progress to journeyman and senior technician. Candidates with strong mechanical, technical and computer skills are generally preferred.



    Billy Calcote

    EECT Coordinator & Faculty

    Email: bcal@tjc.edu

      Short URL to this page: www.tjc.edu/EECT

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      EECT Contact Information

      Bryan Baker, Department Chair
      Office: STC Lobby

      Email: bbak@tjc.edu

      Telephone: 903-510-2390

      Advising contact: 903-510-2347