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Business Management

Business Management is about IDEAS - using them to shape how a business operates

Business Management is about ABILITIES – developing yours to make effective decisions.

My interest is in the future because I’m going to spend the rest of my life there.
     -Charles Kettering

Each day we make decisions that lead us either closer or further from our goals. An education in Business Management is a tool valuable in providing direction and focus to your future.

The Business Management program provides a quality educational foundation for general business and management. Courses taken are intended to provide necessary job skills to prepare students for jobs in management or for advancement in a variety of businesses. Additionally, opportunities are available for those students wishing to transfer to further their studies. Several exit points for certificates give students a quick path to the workforce while maintaining the ability to complete an AAS in Business Management. The curriculum is an applied and practical course of study that meets the requirements of students preparing for careers in business and management, as well as the needs of returning students who wish to update or acquire new management skills.

Career Options

Managerial duties usually involve supervision of other employees and ensuring that the operating procedures of a given area/business are conducted in an efficient, profitable, and cost-effective manner. Managers work to formulate, modify, and implement policies which direct the activities and operations of any type company.

Career opportunities can be found in management positions in manufacturing, retailing, banking, insurance, human resource management, and government. Positions include:

  • Supervisor
  • Department head
  • Office manager
  • Manager of small business
  • Owner of small business
  • Branch manager
  • Manager trainee


  • Business Management (AAS)
  • Bookkeeping (Certificate)
  • Leadership (Certificate)
  • Retail Management (Certificate)
  • Small Business (Certificate)



  • Teresa Allen
  • Jennifer "Kelly" King
  • Jennifer Reynolds
  • John "Jack" Schnell
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