Tyler Junior College


Is this program for me?

Here are some helpful guidelines to see if the Paralegal program is a good fit for you. The more of these that apply to you, the more likely you are well-suited to be a Paralegal student.

  • I have strong writing skills. I know the rules of grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I made mostly A's in my English classes.
  • I have good oral communication skills. I am a good listener, and I can understand complicated fact situations and can accurately relate those facts to a third person.
  • I have strong reading skills. On standardized tests, I score well in reading comprehension.
  • I have good interpersonal skills. I can work well with co-workers, help members of the public, and communicate effectively with my supervisors.
  • I am self-motivated. I have the maturity and time-management skills to make sure deadlines are met.
  • I am a "detail person," who can work quickly and accurately, without much need for supervision.
  • I am comfortable with technology and am eager to learn new computer skills.

What If I...

  • Am an older student? Many students in this program are returning to school after having raised children or after having decided to change careers. Their maturity and real world experience is an asset in this program.
  • Have a criminal record? Many law offices will only consider job candidates who have a clean record. If you have a felony conviction, it may be much more difficult for you to find a job. How recent the conviction is and the type of offense are factors in determining whether a law firm would hire you.
  • Plan to work full-time while going to school? Many of our students continue to work full-time while taking classes. Our online classes make it much easier to fit the classes into your busy schedule. Keep in mind, it may take a little longer to complete the program if you are working full-time. 
  • Want to earn my bachelors degree? Upon successfully completing the Paralegal program at Tyler Junior College, you will be awarded an Associate of Applied Science degree. If you plan to transfer to a university, you should contact that institution to determine how your paralegal classes will count toward your bachelors degree. Some universities, such as UT Tyler, have a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree, which will potentially count all your paralegal coursework toward your four-year degree.