Tyler Junior College

Student Development

The Department of Student Development at Tyler Junior College assists students with the transition to college and campus culture at TJC. Student Development (SDEV) is devoted to students with previous college experience who are new to TJC as well as to incoming freshman-level students with no previous college.

Programs include

  • Freshman Interest Group Program [FIGs] which is a living-learning model designed to provide an instant peer group for new students who have the same degree/major interest/intent. The living-learning program facilitates a feeling of being connected to the TJC campus as FIGs live in a dedicated housing facility, attend classes together, study together, attend college activities together, and interact with faculty mentors together in order to sustain positive academic and social experiences at TJC.
  • Intensive College Program [ICP] which is a partnership with the Literacy Council of Tyler to transition recent GED graduates to college enrollment.

Courses include

  • College Success (SDEV 0100) which is required of any new student transitioning to Tyler Junior College in order to educate new students about TJC-specific facilities, services, resources, policies and procedures, and campus culture as well as personal financial literacy associated with being a college student.
  • Retention-Intensive Success Experiences (RISE 0300) which is required of any student who is on Academic Suspension to aid in re-enrollment at TJC and successful course completions.
  • Student Study Skills & Strategies (STSS 0300) which is required of any student who is enrolled in DMTH 0301 and/or READ 0301. STSS teaches techniques for learning in higher education; therefore, any TJC student who can benefit from the study skill sets acquired in STSS is welcome to take the course.

Student Development Contact Information

Ashleigh Lewis
Program Coordinator
Office: Potter Office T

Email: alew@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-3360