Tyler Junior College

Learning Support Services

The Department of Learning Support Services offers academic support to encourage student enrollment and participation on a continual basis until graduation is achieved.

Available Support includes:

  • Academic Success Lab (Potter Hall 003-B) which provides access to computers, tutors, and professors in order for students to complete assignments and receive learning support/tutoring.
  • College Placement Test Prep Program which offers free assistance to students who want to review their skill sets before taking the TJC placement exam.
  • Early Alert Program which operates via a Professor-referral system to identify students who are at-risk of academic non-completion and provide those students with resources to enable them to achieve completion of academic goals.
  • Learning Support/Tutoring which provides FREE individual or group assistance to students who may have weak academic skills or to students who want to improve their grades.
  • Supplemental Electronic Tutoring [PLATO] which provides 24/7 access via the Internet to tutorials for test preparation and/or grade improvement.
  • Test-Out Program which encourages students enrolled in Developmental Education courses to engage in classroom instruction and re-take the TJC Placement Exam when the student feels he or she has gained a refreshed mindset of the skills required for TSI complete (college-ready) status.
  • TJC Writing Center (Vaughn Library, 2nd floor) which is an on-campus facility that provides a supervised tutoring environment via one hour, one-to-one tutorials to any student regardless of type of written assignment or field of study.

Learning Support Services Contact Information

Jaquitta Bol
Program Coordinator
Office: Potter 110A

Email: jbol1@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-2047