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About Child Care Licensing

Texas Department of Family and Protective Services

  • Regulates all child-care operations and child-placing agencies to protect the health, safety, and well-being of children in care, largely by reducing the risk of injury, abuse, and communicable disease.
  • Establishes and monitors operations and agencies for compliance with licensing standards, rules, and law.
  • Informs parents and the public about child care and about the histories of specific homes, child-care operations, and child-placing agencies in complying with minimum standards of care.
  • Provides technical assistance to providers on meeting licensing standards, rules and laws.

Texas Department of State Health Services


  • Find health related resources for families.

Literacy Council of Tyler


Literacy Changes Lives!

The Literacy Council of Tyler, an incorporated nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization since 1990, helps over 2,500 adults improve their literacy skills each year.

Through the use of dedicated staff and an army of volunteer tutors, adults in our community are able to receive help in improving their literacy skills-from beginning reading instruction to GED completion and English as a Second Language instruction.

Services are offered in collaboration with Tyler Junior College, Tyler Independent School District, local churches, businesses, and local libraries. All of our services are free of charge to the adult learner.

For more information please contact Receptionist Ruby Lowrie or Executive Director Nancy Crawford at 903-533-0330.

Officing at TJC/RTDC
1530 Loop 323 SSW, Room 120

Family Learning Center

Address: 1508 N. Hayne
Tyler, TX 75702

Telephone: 903-593-2295