Tyler Junior College

Compliance Committee

Certification Committee Responsibilities and Guidelines

Compliance Certification Responsibilities:

  1. Identify the specific requirements, standards and federal regulations and determine: compliance (full, partial, noncompliance) and provide a complete analysis and assessment of the College's compliance and justify the status.
  2. Identify and copy, or identify the electronic address where the documents are located that support the College's compliance.
  3. Identify legal and local policies and recommendations to determine if they are up to date or need revision.
  4. Make recommendation to the Leadership Committee.
  5. Involve faculty, students and staff in the analysis process.

Members are responsible for:

  • carefully analyzing and interpreting each Core Requirement, Comprehensive Standard, and Federal Requirement assigned to them;
  • determining and stating whether the institution is in compliance, partial compliance, or non-compliance with each standard or requirement;
  • gathering, organizing, and submitting high-quality, appropriate evidence to support and explain whatever determination of compliance is made;
  • preparing a draft narrative explanation supporting their conclusion about each requirement or standard, referencing the evidence available to support it;
  • reviewing drafts of the report for accuracy with respect to the standards and requirements they were assigned.