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Scholarship Search Tips

How to Conduct a Successful Scholarship Search

Thomson-Peterson's is one of the world's largest book publishers, and they publish the "bible" of free money for college. The book is almost two-inches thick and contains thousands of scholarship opportunities for students looking for free money to further their education. However, they also have a FREE college-scholarship search site through Cappex.com that allows students to search Peterson's enormous database for all of the scholarship opportunities for which they may qualify.

The site is free and secure!

Here's how to conduct your own search:

  1. Go to www.cappex.com and click on the orange "Create your Free Profile" button.
  2. You will need to create a user profile to access the database, so work your way through the introductory material. To get an access code, click on the Don't Have an Access Code link. It will ask the name of your high school. Just type it in the box, and it will take you to the user profile page. Homeschooled students can gain immediate access by clicking on the Home Schooled link, so that's even easier. Once there, setting up a user profile will take a little time.
  3. Read every question carefully!  Answer as thoroughly and as accurately as possible. This profile determines which scholarship information will be pulled from the database for your personal use.
  4. Once the profile is completed, the Results page will appear with a list of scholarships for which you MAY be qualified. You will have to click on each link and read the description of the scholarship to see what it entails and how to apply. You will also see whether the scholarship requires an essay, a resume, and/or letters of recommendation. Note: Just beneath the Results heading, you will see links that will allow you to edit your profile or to begin a new search if you wish. You will also see a box at the center-right of the page that will allow you to refine your results. Note Also: You will not have the time to look at each scholarship opportunity in one sitting. You can create a Saved list by clicking on the Save button at the left of each listing. This will save the scholarships you are interested in pursuing until you have the time to look at them in detail.
  5. Some of these scholarship opportunities will give you a contact for more information. If there is an email link, click on the link and use the format below to request information regarding the scholarship being offered by that particular organization or company. Be sure to spell everything correctly!

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Please send information regarding the ___(insert the name of the scholarship)____ being offered by ______(insert the name of the organization/company)____ . My contact information is as follows:

    Address (street address, city, state, zip code)
    Phone Number, including area code
    Email address

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this request.

    Your full name.

  6. You will need to write an essay for many of these scholarships. Write an essay that addresses the topic in a specific, well-developed, and grammatically correct way. Moreover, your essay needs to exhibit style. You want your essay to stand out from the rest. Dazzle them!
  7. Ask one or two people to write letters of recommendation for you (professors, employers, contacts in the community, etc.). Keep the original on file for future use. Only send copies unless an original is requested.
  8. Getting free money for school must be approached as if it were a sport. Keep these things in mind:
    • apply for as many as you can
    • all written material must be accurate and professional
    • strive to be a cut above all the other competitors for scholarships (think about why they should pick you over the others applying).