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Faculty & Staff FAQs

Q: When/where can I get my TJC ID card, lanyard, and parking permit?

Q: What services do you offer students with disabilities?

Q: What constitutes a disability?

Q: What should I do if I have a disability and want to receive accommodations?

Q: Why do I have to display my TJC identification card?

Beginning this fall 2010, students and employees will wear their identification cards on lanyards so that others know of their role at the College and so that visitors will be identifiable. Visitors are always welcome at our facilities and we want to treat them with respect and be helpful while they are here. However, we realized during the past year that some visitors were taking advantage of our open and welcoming campus to engage in undesirable behaviors, so being able to readily identify whether someone is part of our TJC family will greatly enhance our campus climate.

Q: Where is Campus Police located?

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