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Student Senate

Student Senate is one of the most prestigious organizations on campus. Student senate ensures that all clubs and organizations at Tyler Junior College are in good standing. Student Senate is the voice of the student and has the ability to be a change agent on campus.

Ways to become involved with Student Senate:

  • Run for an office: You first fill out a petition for office that is available in the Center for Student Life and Involvement. Elections are held in September for Freshman Officers and in March for Student Senate and sophomore Officers.
  • Sign up for a committee: Student Senate has several committees including Homecoming, Environmental, Elections, and more. Committee are formed based on the needs of that semester or year.
  • Come to a meeting: Student Senate meets every Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. in Jenkins 1109 in the Fall semester. Meetings are only held every other week in the Spring Semester. 
  • Attend an event: Events dates are available on the Campus Calendar. 

How Student Senate Works

The Student Senate, advised by the Director of Student Life, is the student government body of Tyler Junior College. It is composed of three (3) Student Senate Executive Officers, four (4) Sophomore Class Officers (consisting of: Ambassador of Organizations, Public Relations, Parliamentarian and sergeant-of-Arms), three (3) Freshman Class Officers, numerous senators representing their organizations and committee chairs.

Student Senate Executive Officers and Sophomore Class Officers are elected in the Spring by a majority vote of Tyler Junior College Students. Freshman Class officers are elected in the fall by a majority vote of students. Each recognized organization may appoint two (2) senators to the Student Senate to represent their organization at general assembly meetings and serve as a liason between the two organizations.

The purpose, goal, and learning outcome of the Senate is to promote an active student government, better relationships among the student body, good citizenship, and to provide an avenue by which student needs and desires are transmitted to the administration, as well as provide educational and wholesome entertainment for students.

In general, the Senate sets all policies governing student body activities.

The Student Senate provides an avenue through which grievances by students may be channeled to the administration of the College. The Senate may also make recommendations regarding general student welfare. These recommendations are adopted by the Student Senate in regular session, and the consensus is forwarded to the Director of Student Life. The Tyler Junior College Student Senate is an active participant in the Texas Junior College Student Government Association and has won numerous awards at the state convention, as well as holding various offices in this association. Tyler Junior College is also active in the National Association for Campus Activities, Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities , and  American Student Government Association to better prepare themselves to serve the students of Tyler Junior College.

Contact Information:

Lauren Tyler
Director, Student Life and TJC Student Senate Advisor
2nd floor of Rogers Student Center
Email: ltyl@tjc.edu
Phone: 903-510-2611
Short URL to this page: www.tjc.edu/StudentSenate

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Lauren Tyler, Director Student Life and TJC Student Senate Advisor

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Telephone: 903-510-2797