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This Associate of Arts degree in the liberal arts with an emphasis on English provides students with the first two years toward the Bachelor of Arts degree.


  • English (AA)

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  • Mary B. Adams
  • Marygwen Arnold
  • Judith B. Bateman
  • Terra Blakemore
  • Traci L. Borum
  • Gloria Brooks
  • Joan S. Bruckwicki
  • Paula H. Buck
  • Michael A. Fitzpatrick
  • Dr. Linda Gary
  • Jana Haasz
  • Sarah H. Harrison
  • Carolyn Hendon
  • Jeremy Light
  • Theodore "T.J." McLemore
  • Dr. Bridget Moore
  • Mandy  L. Palmer
  • Dr. Richard D. Parrish
  • Karen Peterson
  • Dr. James D. "Jim" Richey
  • Susan Robbins
  • Carla J. Thiel
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English Contact Information

Dr. Jim Richey
Dept. Chair, English Comp.
Office: Jenkins 183
Phone: 903-510-2468
Email: jric@tjc.edu

Linda Gary, Ph. D.
Dept. Chair, Humanities, Literature and Philosophy
Office: Jenkins 164
Phone: 903-510-3515
Email: lgar@tjc.edu