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Student Support Services helps students to stay in college until they earn their baccalaureate degree. Participants, which include disabled college students, receive tutoring, counseling and remedial instruction. Students are now being served at more than 1,200 Colleges and Universities nationwide. Support Services provides a variety of services for students with special needs and capabilities through the following services:


Apache Tutoring provides free tutorial services to all currently enrolled Tyler Junior College students. The goal of each center in Apache Tutoring is to promote critical thinking through the use of study skills, content clarification, reading comprehension strategies, and techniques for better writing. Walk-in tutoring services are available in the STEM Center, QEP/Quest Center, and when available in the Writing Center. Individualized tutoring is available by appointment in the Tutoring Center and Writing Center.

Disability Services (ADA)

Disability Services provides accommodations for qualified students with documented disabilities.  Disabilities may include physical, mental health, learning, deafness or hard of hearing, blindness or visual impairment, autism.  Classroom and testing accommodations, including sign language interpreters, must be obtained from this office.  Our Students with Disabilities Handbook can be found on the related downloads page

TRIO Program

TRiO, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, provides cultural enrichment activities both on and off campus; community service; tutoring; study skills seminars; financial aid information and guidance; financial planning workshops; scholastic probation prevention; academic advising and placement; individual guidance; TSI preparation seminars; university transfer information – including campus visits; and information and referral assistance for students who qualify for this program by having academic, education, or economic need, and/or who are the first members of their family to earn a bachelor degree.

Counseling Services

Our goal is to provide professional counseling services to students who feel that emotional events in their life are causing a threat to continuing their academic pursuits. Counseling follows a brief, solution-focused approach. Our primary charge is to manage the situation through intervention, stabilization and referral into the community for ongoing counseling or other needed services. 

To make an appointment, please fill out a Counseling Appointment Request form. Please do not fill out the form for a student; enrolled TJC students must fill out the request themselves. The form and all contents are confidential. 

Support Services

Renee’ Hawkins
Division Director, Student Support Services
Office: Potter Hall 206
Email: rhaw@tjc.edu
Phone: 903-510-2495
Toll Free: 800-687-5680 ext. 2495

Tracey Williams
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
Learning Specialist
Office: RSC-302
Phone: 903-510-2041
Toll Free: 800-687-5680 ext. 2041

Margaret Rapp
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) & Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC)

Director, Disability Services
Office: Potter Hall 105
Phone: 903-510-2878
Toll Free: 800-687-5680 ext. 2878

Tina Dillman
Interpreter/Coordinator, Hearing Loss Services
Office: Potter Hall 110
Phone: 903-510-2841
Toll Free: 800-687-5680 ext. 2841

Danna Baggett
Director, Tutoring Services
Office: LRC 204
Email: dree@tjc.edu
Phone: 903-510-3114
Toll Free: 800-687-5680 ext. 3114

Brad Gifford
Project Director, TRiO
Office: RSC -301A
Email: bgif@tjc.edu
Phone: 903-510-2612
Toll Free: 800-687-5680 ext. 2612

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