Tyler Junior College

Registration FAQs

Registration and Class Schedule

The online Apache Access Schedule of Classes is the most accurate information regarding class location, instructor name, and available seats.

How do I register for classes on Apache Access?

  1. Log onto Apache Access with your Student ID#/A# and password. If this is your first time logging into Apache Access your initial password is your birthday MMDDYY.
  2. Click Add/Drop Classes
  3. Click Class Search
  4. Search by course subject and course number.
  5. To select a class, check box to the right of the class. A “C” where a box should be means the class is closed.
  6. Click Register at the bottom of the screen.
  7. Repeat Steps 3 to 6 for any additional courses.

NOTE: If you are registering for a class that includes a lab you must select both a lecture and a lab in step #5 and then Click Register.

How do I view or print a copy of my class schedule?

  1. Log onto Apache Access with your Student ID#/A# and password. If this is your first time logging into Apache Access your initial password is your birthday MMDDYY.
  2. Under Quick Links, Click Printable Schedule

How do I register for a class that is full or closed?

  • Frequently check the Schedule of Classes, as a seat may open.
  • To add a class that is full, you will need to have department chair’s approval and signature on the Add/Drop form.
  • TJC does not offer a waiting list.
  • Visit with your academic advisor for alternative courses available for your major.


How do I check my grades?

After logging on to your Apache Access, you can view all of your grades and unofficial transcript by following these steps:

  1. Under Quick Links, Click Self-Service/Registration
  2. Click Student Records
  3. Select Transcript Level
  4. Select Transcript Type
  5. Click Submit

NOTE: Final grades are not mailed at the end of the semester.

What does a grade of AD, BD, CD, DD, or FD mean?

Grades that contain a “D” following the letter grade identify College Preparatory classes. These classes are not computed into your overall GPA.

How can I request a grade replacement?

TJC does not participate in grade replacement. For example, students who fail a class or want to retake a class for a higher grade cannot replace one grade for another. GPA is computed using all grades earned regardless if the class was retaken.

General Information

How do I contact the Registrar’s Office?

Tyler Junior College Main Campus

Physical Address:

1400 East Fifth Street
Tyler, TX 75703
Phone: (903) 510-2401
Fax: (903) 510-2634

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 9020
Tyler, TX 75711

What are the office hours?

8am – 5pm,  Monday – Friday

Please check with the Registrar’s Office for Summer hours.

What is the Census Date and why is it important?

The Census Date is the day which course enrollments are finalized and certified to the State of Texas for funding and other reporting purposes. Students should be aware that the Census Date is also the deadline for many forms and functions relevant to them. 

The Census Date is the deadline for the following:

  • Schedule adjustments (section changes, adding a new class, dropping without a “W” grade)
  • Being reinstated or re-enrolled in classes after being dropped for non-payment and/or non-attendance.

The census date is based on the length of the course. The census dates are listed below based on the course lengths. Please refer to the official school calendar regarding the exact census date for each semester.

Course Length Official Census Date Semesters
3-week course second class day Maymester
5- or 6-week course fourth class day Summer I or II
8-week course 6th class day Fall or Spring terms
16-week course 12th class day

Full Fall (Aug-Dec) and Spring (Jan-May) Semester

NOTE: The first class day refers to the first day of the semester, not the first day of your particular class.


When do my FERPA rights begin?

Your FERPA rights begin when you enroll.

How can my parents get information about my educational records?

In order for parents/guardians to access information about your educational records, students must provide the Registrar’s Office with written consent. Any student wanting to give parents and/or guardians access to educational records need to come to the Registrar’s Office to fill out the appropriate forms.

NOTE: Parents/guardians, like third parties, are restricted to educational records unless written consent has been granted regardless of how or by whom payment for classes is made.

The mission of the Admissions office at TJC is to support prospective students by providing open access and equal opportunity to all qualified students through the implementation of the admissions process.