Tyler Junior College

Apache Cheer

Large Coed and All Girl Tryouts 02-03 May

Saturday 02 May

5:00p-9:00p - OHPE Gentry Gym

This part of tryouts is voluntary yet highly recommended. It is a practice so you can work on the skills you will be performing for tryouts and finding out who you work best with for your stunts. Please come in cheer practice clothing (t-shirt, shorts, sports bras, cheer shoes.) We will be in Gentry Gym in the OHPE Building (across from the turf football field and next to Wagstaff Gym) for this portion and will move venues for Sunday's judged tryout.

Sunday 03 May 

9:00a-finished (be prepared for 6:00p-7:00p end time) - Wagstaff Gym

*** Please note that the judged portion of tryouts will be closed to the public*** 

9:00a-10:00a - Registration and Warm up

Tryout fee of $40.00 can be paid cash/ check/ money order. For Checks and money orders please make payable to Apache Cheer.

We will have all registration papers at sign in.

**Do not forget to bring proof of your submitted application with you** 

10:00a-3:00p(?) - Judged portion of tryouts.

Order of tryouts will be as follows: Tumbling - Coed Stunts -  All-Girl Stunts

3:00p(?)-5:00p(?) - Judges meeting and team decisions

Team Lists will be posted at the end of this meeting.

5:30(?)-7:00(?) - Apache Cheer New Teams Meeting!!!

We will discuss the workings of the program, the summer work schedule, and everything that is expected of an Apache Cheer Athlete!

***Please note that the times are most likely going to change during the day of judging. It all depends on the number of athletes trying out. Also, please bring a sack luck/ snacks as there will not be a break for lunch*** 

Apache Cheer Performances

This past week, Apache Cheer competed at the National Cheerleader Association College Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida. After an amazing week of competition and an awesome year, Apache Cheer placed 2nd in our division!! Check out our video from finals!

 NCA College Nationals Finals Routine!


Check out videos from last years NCA College Nationals and SMU Summer Camp!



On Saturday 27 September, Apache Cheer led the way for the Tyler Cystic Fibrosis walk.

Recruit weekends are for high school students and graduates who are interested in cheering in college and would like to attend TJC. Our clinics are for all All Girl/Small Coed/Large Coed style cheerleaders. This is a great way to meet the current team and coaching staff and practice with us in a more relaxed setting before coming in to a tryout. The official clinics will be held on Saturdays but there is an opportunity for those that would like to come and join an open gym with the team the Friday night before. For details on the open gym times and locations please contact the coaching staff at 903.510.3183.

Due to increased AACCA (American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators) safety, we will not be able to teach new tumbling skills. Apache Cheer and the coaching staff are there to assist and improve skills that you may already have or are currently working on.

    Short URL to this page: www.tjc.edu/cheerleading

    Cheerleading Coaches

    Ryan Harrigan
    Head Coach
    Email: rhar2@tjc.edu
    Phone: 903-510-3183

    Dee Kelley
    Assistant Coach
    Email: dkel2@tjc.edu
    Phone: 903-510-3183

    Spirit Programs Contact

    Jackie France
    New Student, Family and Spirit Programs Coordinator

    Email: jfra@tjc.edu

    Telephone: 903-510-3133