COVID-19 Response

On-campus offices are open to students. Online registration is available through Apache Access. Fall classes are offered in-person, online or hybrid. Masks are required at all TJC facilities.

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Face Covering Policy

As recommended by the CDC and other agencies, the College expects all individuals on the TJC campus / sites, including visitors, to wear a face covering over the mouth and nose in public indoor spaces, including classrooms; building entrances and exits; lobbies and lounges; as well as in hallways, stairwells, restrooms and elevators. A face covering may include mask, bandana, neck gaiter or face shield.

Faculty members and staff will have access to disposable face coverings to provide to students who forget to bring one to class. For the purposes of effective teaching and recording (for remote instruction), faculty members are not required to wear face coverings during instruction as long as they maintain the minimum six feet physical distancing requirements from students.

The College understands that some individuals may not be able to wear face coverings under some circumstances, such as those who experience breathing issues due to medical conditions. 

Face coverings are required when exercising indoors including in the OHPE weight and cardio rooms. Face coverings are not required in private spaces such as inside an office or partitioned cubicle for employees, or inside an individual residence hall room for students.

How to Address Non-compliance with Face Covering Policy:

  • Inform the individual that there is a requirement for face covering at TJC facilities currently in effect (consistent with Gov. Abbott’s directive).
  • TJC can supply them with a face covering if they do not have one (they are available at various centralized locations).
  • If they still refuse to wear a face covering, TJC employees should politely ask them to leave given that the course is desired by several students and we would hate to have it be forced online in the case someone is tested positive and it could have been prevented.
  • If they still refuse to leave, TJC employees can, as a last resort, call campus police to assist at X2222.


If a student refuses to wear a face covering due to a medical condition, the student must see Director of Disability Services Margaret Rapp to receive a waiver in order to participate in the face-to-face class.

If an employee refuses to wear a face covering due to a medical condition, the employee must see Human Resources and provide appropriate medical documentation from their treating health care provider to receive a waiver in order to access TJC facilities.

TJC is not extending waivers for OHPE recreational purposes for any individual regardless of affiliation. The reason for this is that we are trying to minimize risks to the TJC community and the institution unless it is for instructional purposes.