COVID-19 Response

On-campus offices are open to students. Online registration is available through Apache Access. Fall classes are offered in-person, online or hybrid. Masks are required at all TJC facilities.

COVID-19 Information Center

COVID-19 Resources

What to do if you are sick

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Stay home if you are ill (unless you are seeking medical treatment).
    1. Do not visit any of the College’s facilities.   
    2. Do call or email the dean of students to let her know you are sick or are experiencing symptoms. Dean of Students Dr. Tam Nannen, should be notified by phone, 903-510-3324 or email, Include your name, phone number and the date you began experiencing symptoms.
  2. Call your doctor, direct care facility or hospital emergency department before your arrival at their office/facility.
  3. If you are experiencing severe symptoms, call 911 and explain your symptoms before EMS arrives so they can take necessary precautions.  
  4. If you are well enough, please continue completing your required classwork.
  5. If you are not well enough to continue your required classwork, please tell Dr. Nannen, who can work with your professors on potential alternative timelines for completion of your coursework.