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How to Apply: Nursing

Frequently Asked Questions

Admission Questions Transcript Questions Health Requirement Questions Course Requirement Questions Post-Acceptance Questions Previous Nursing or Health Science Enrollment Questions 

Admission Questions

I have applied to TJC for general admission and have not been issued my "A Number". Can I still submit my nursing application?

No. Your "A Number" is how you and your records are identified in the TJC system. Your "A Number" is required for your application to be processed.

I was accepted to TJC previously, but I have not enrolled in courses for several semesters. Do I need to apply to the college again?

A student who was previously enrolled at TJC and who has been out of school longer than two consecutive semesters (Fall and Spring) must re-apply. Go to to apply online.

Can I apply to more than one track and/or pathway?

Yes. If you qualify and meet all of the admission requirements you can apply to more then one track, pathway and/or cohort. Indicate which track, pathway, and/or cohort you want to apply to on your nursing application.

I am in my last semester of a Paramedic or LVN program, can I still apply?

Yes. If you are enrolled in the last semester of your Paramedic/LVN program when the admission period is open, you can apply to the Paramedic-RN or LVN-RN Transition pathways. See the Admission Guidelines document for more information on the successful completion of your program and obtaining your professional licensure.

Can I reschedule my Multiple Mini Interview Appointment?

No. The structure of the MMI process prevents the rescheduling of appointments. All admission dates are advertised in the Admission Timeline section. If you cannot attend an appointment on these days, it is recommended to wait and apply when you are available to participate in all nursing admission requirements.

When do I know if I have been accepted into the nursing program?

All of our admission dates and processes are outlined in our Admission Timeline.

Transcript Questions

I am not able to get an official transcript from my previous college; can I submit an unofficial copy instead?

No. The TJC Registrar's office must have an official transcript from any previous college so they can evaluate the courses and approve them for transfer credit. We can't process your application from an unofficial transcript. Read more about submitting transcripts.

My previous college submits transcripts electronically, will these be accepted by TJC?

The TJC Registrar's office does accept some transcripts electronically. Contact the Registrar's Office at 903-510-2400 to see which electronic versions TJC accepts.

I attended another college and only took a few classes that are not part of any nursing degree plan, do I still need to submit an official transcript?

Yes. You need to submit an official transcript with the most recent coursework from all colleges attended, even if the courses are not listed on any nursing degree plan. Read more about submitting transcripts.

Health Requirement Questions

Answers to the following questions can be found in the Admission Health Requirements page in this section, and in the Admission Guideline packets for each track/pathway.

  • What is a surface antibody titer?

  • How do I purchase my CastleBranch Applicant package?

I already have an account with CastleBranch, do I need to purchase another one?

Once you have purchased the TJC Nursing applicant package (TY04im) it is valid for all future admission periods, you do not need to repurchase it in the next admission period. If you have not purchased the TJC Nursing package, go to the Admission Health Requirements page in this section for directions.

My health requirements are not compliant in CastleBranch, can I still apply?

There is nothing preventing you from completing and submitting the nursing application, however, if your application doesn't meet admission criteria it is highly likely it will not be considered for selection. You should complete all admission criteria before applying. The Nursing Admissions Committee does reserve the right to make concessions to admission requirements under extenuating circumstances.


Course Requirement Questions

I haven't completed Microbiology; can I still apply?

Yes. Microbiology is a degree required course for any pathway within the Associate Degree Nursing track. It does not have to be complete when you apply but it must be complete before you can begin any RNSG courses. Microbiology is not required for the Vocational Nursing track curriculum.

I completed the A&P Refresher course, does this replace my A&P course grades?

No. The A&P refresher course does not replace any academic course grade for BIOL 2401 or BIOL 2402. The refresher course is continuing education credit and a certificate of completion is awarded after successful completion.

Post-Acceptance Questions

How much does it cost to attend the nursing program at TJC?

The costs of attending the nursing program can vary depending on which track, pathway or cohort you are enrolled in. Each Admission Guideline packet contains an Estimate of Costs list for that specific pathway to help you plan your educational expenses. All costs and fees listed are subject to change.

I have a criminal history; will this prevent me from applying to the program?

A previous criminal history does not prevent you from applying, however, all students who are offered conditional placement in the TJC Nursing program must complete a background check through the Texas Board of Nursing in order to be granted eligibility to sit for the NCLEX-PN/NCLEX-RN exam (licensure exam). If you are not granted clearance from the Texas Board of Nursing you cannot begin a nursing program. See our Post-Acceptance page for more information.

Do I need to complete a background check and drug screen before applying to the nursing program?

No. You do not complete a drug screen or background check when you apply. These are Post-Acceptance requirements and do not need to be complete until offered conditional placement into the program. To prevent unnecessary additional costs, do not begin this process unless you are provided direct instructions from the Nursing office or the Texas Board of Nursing. If you do, you might be required to repeat the process to obtain valid results.

What is the class schedule for the nursing program?

The class schedule varies depending on which track, pathway or cohort you are enrolled in. See each page in the How to Apply section for a general schedule.

Previous Nursing or Health Science Enrollment Questions

I GRADUATED from another health science program, do I need to complete the Verification of Good Standing form?

No. You do not need to have the Verification of Good Standing Form completed by your previous institution. Include a copy of your diploma, certificate, or license with your application as proof of successful program completion.

I was PREVIOUSLY ENROLLED in a nursing or health science program and did not complete the program. What do I need to do?

See the Admission Guidelines packet for each track or pathway. The Verification of Good Standing Form must be completed by your previous institution (following the directions on the forms) and submitted to the Nursing office for approval prior to applying to the program.