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The College will continue its current health and safety protocols. These include face coverings, physical distancing, and staying home if not feeling well or have been exposed to COVID-19.

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Web aladdin show poster

TJC Academy of Dance presents Aladdin, as told in dance.

Directed by Shurrell Wiebe

Performance Dates: April 10

This is a special opportunity for audience members to watch a dance show meant for television! This show was written and choreographed for television, commercial breaks, and extensive scene set up. There will be sections of the show when you will be able to see the crew setting up for the next scene! This performance includes three 10-15 minute breaks between scenes, which we will use as intermissions.
All tickets are $15. We are socially distancing this event, so when choosing tickets please allow your group 1 or 2 seats next to another reserved party. Please wear your face mask, as per TJC's policy.

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