Pointe Requirements

The following are a list of requirements and guidelines put forth by the director of the TJC Academy of Dance that must be met in order for a dancer to go en pointe for the first time. All are at the discretion of the director and are subject to change. TJC Academy of Dance’s first and foremost concern and responsibility to the dancer is for their health and physical well being. With this in mind these stipulations have been put forth and will be enforced and we would appreciate your understanding. We understand that going en pointe is an exciting and much anticipated time for each dancer, but also recognize that if careful consideration is not given on an individual basis for each dancer there could be a greater potential for injury in the future. And as the longevity of a dancer is always important, the timing of a dancer’s first pair of pointe shoes is crucial. Students will be notified in writing when they are ready to go en pointe. Please do not buy pointe shoes before receiving this letter!

  • The dancer must be 12 years of age
  • The dancer must take a minimum of 3 ballet technique classes per week. This is vital in helping  the dancer to increase her strength and technical ability.
  • The dancer must attend class regularly as this is also essential in maintaining and increasing the strength and technical ability of the dancer.
  • The dancer must be determined to have sound technique with strong feet and ankles
  • The dancer must have sufficient strength within the “turnout” muscles of the legs and an ability to maintain rotation while dancing.
  • The dancer must be able to complete a double pirouette in technique ballet shoes.
  • If there are any concerns about the dancer’s growth she may be asked to see a physician to determine that her growth plates have closed. This usually implies x-rays.

Upon the determination that a dancer will go en pointe the student’s teacher and/or the director will advise the next steps to getting fitted for shoes and when the student should bring them to class for the first time.

If there are any questions regarding these policies please feel free to ask the director of the Academy.