Sarah Burton

Sarah is the owner of STUDIO B PILATES+BARRE in Tyler Texas where she enjoys teaching the work of Mr. Pilates to a varied group of clientele. She fully believes that his work is for every body. She strives to bring together teachers who have similar movement philosophies to her own such as control, precision, centering, coordination, and alignment. Sarah also enjoys utilizing other modalities to enhance her clients learning experiences knowing that every brain accepts information just a little differently.

Having taught in the fitness industry since 1999, Sarah enjoys offering her insight, experience and understanding of the body to her Pilates students. She holds several fitness and personal training certifications as well as a Comprehensive Certification through Peak Pilates. Continuing to seek out mentors and continuing education in the field, Sarah feels blessed to have access to information and inspiration that she enthusiastically shares with her students and fellow teachers. How to apply Pilates exercises with athletes, the aging population, dancers, those walking through injury and adolescents is part of the thrill of the work for her. Each individual will get a specific workout based on the vast repertoire of the curriculum that Mr. Pilates created over 50 years ago. Because every body deserves to learn how to develop control and improve performance on and off the stage and field.

Sarah is a member of the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and regularly attends Classical Pilates conferences, works with second generation teachers as schedule permits, and participates in Dance Education workshops throughout the year. She also teaches Dance Conditioning and Pilates at Tyler Junior College.