Web Development and Full Stack Coding Bootcamp

The Tyler Junior College Coding Bootcamp offers the opportunity to learn more than coding—you’ll learn how to solve problems and become a full-service developer in just 6 months! With 200 in-class hours plus comprehensive, project-based learning and externship placement, this program combines classroom and real-world experience to ensure students are ready to work as a Coding and Developer professional from day one.

Our unique, hands-on curriculum and learn-by-doing approach ensures students master the fundamentals of web and software development as part of a comprehensive, affordable and accessible program.

2-Week Coding Workshop (Prerequisite) 

This 20-hour workshop has been designed to provide an experience in website development to people with no previous background. Required for all students to determine eligibility and aptitude for the Front End and Full Stack program sections. 

Front-End Web Development 

Students take a hands-on approach from the start, walking through real-life case-studies they’ll encounter on the job and learning to code by experience. Students will work on developing a website using modern HTML and CSS to produce attractive, informative multi-page websites based on the client's requirements including: 

  • Introduction to Website Development 
  • Introduction to JavaScript Development 
  • Mobile Web Application Development 

Full Stack Web Developer 

After completing the Workshop and Front-End Development part of the program, students are prepared for the next step which includes the following: 

  • Install and run a web server 
  • Develop non-trivial algorithms for processing tasks 
  • Code back-end server logic in Java using the Spring Boot framework 
  • Integrate a back-end server with a front-end written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript via a RESTful interface 
  • Build an application in user-testable slices 
  • Use best practices for rapid development of high-quality software, such as test-driven development (TDD) and frequent deployment. 

Optional Coding Externship (160 hours) 

Students who successfully complete the course will be placed in an externship with a local employer where they can put their new coding skills to work! 

Enroll Now for Fall! 

Workshop: September 26, 2017 – October 7, 2017 
Class Dates: October 17, 2017 – March 29, 2018 
Schedule: Tues. & Thurs. 6-9:30pm; Sat. 9am-4:30pm
Tuition: $ 5,995 

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Phone: 903.510.2969 
Email: jbow@tjc.edu 

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