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Tyler Area Business Incubator

Helping businesses get a good start.

The Tyler Area Business Incubator (TABI) was created in 1989 through a consortium involving Tyler Junior College, the City of Tyler and the Tyler Economic Development Council.  The original goal was to nurture entrepreneurs in the fields of biotechnology, medical and surgical technology, and other high-tech innovation, helping their companies survive and grow during the start-up period, in this East Texas area of three major hospitals and strong focus on health-related industries.  TABI has expanded over the years to accommodate many other service industries.  Three former incubator companies have received the award of Incubator Graduate of the Year from the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA). 

In keeping with the fundamentals of a business incubator, TABI has provided client companies not only a physical location, but also business support services and resources that include: