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Professional Tennis Management Sunset FAQ

1. If I am a PTM major, will I be able to finish my current term and program?

  • Yes. The current program and courses will be offered until Spring 2021, at which time the degree will no longer be available.

2. Will all classes be offered every semester?

  • No.  Some classes will be offered only once during the teach-out period. You must follow the recommended plan for completion so that you may complete the required courses each semester to enable you to complete the program within the teach-out period.

3. If I switch my major to another degree, but then decide later I want to complete the PTM degree, may I change my major back?

  • No. If you withdraw from the PTM program during the teach-out period, you will not be able to re-enroll in the program.

4. If I am currently not in the degree program, may I declare it as my major and begin taking courses during the teach-out period?

  • No. Because the PTM degree program is closing, we are not accepting new students as PTM majors.

5. May I take the PTM courses, even though it is not my major?

  • Yes.  Any PTM course scheduled is open to students who may be interested in taking the class.

6. If I have further questions, where can I get assistance?

  • You may visit the Advising office on campus, email them at, or call them at 903-510-3287. You may also contact the Dean’s office at (903) 510-2507.