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Purchasing and Contracts

Our Mission is to provide guidance and leadership by working with the supplier community in the procurement of high quality goods and services, while ensuring compliance with State and Federal laws, Board policies, and administrative requirements.  The Purchasing Department strives to provide systems and procedures that will make the procurement process more efficient, cost effective, and user friendly.  We are committee to maximizing the tax payer's dollar while maintaining the highest standards of ethics, integrity, public trust, and transparency.

The Purchasing Department operates under the Vice-President of Business Affairs/CFO.

In addition to bids for goods and services solicited directly by the college, Tyler Junior College often uses the following cooperative contracts to satisfy their competitive solicitation requirements for various goods and services.  Some of the cooperatives that the college utilizes are as follows:

  • Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR)
  • The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN)
  • E&I Cooperatives
  • Buyboard
  • Texas Community College Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCCCPN)
  • Region 7 and Region 16
  • First Choice
  • UT Supply Chain Alliance

College surplus is available via online auction at www.slapsale.com. Surplus is auctioned off on an ongoing basis as it becomes available.

Tyler Junior College's Conflict of Interest Policy can be found by clicking on the following link: http://tasb.org/services/legal-services/tasb-school-law-esource/governance/conflicts-of-interest.aspx.

Contact Information:
Michael Caruso
Director, Campus Services
mcar@tjc.edu | (903) 510-2420
Dana Ballard
Assistant Director, Campus Services
Office Info:dbal@tjc.edu | (903) 510-3313
Jake Clark
Mail & Duplications
Office Info: jcla2@tjc.edu | (903) 510-2415
Belinda Marks
Mail & Duplications
Office Info: bmar@tjc.edu | (903) 510-2415
Henry Ford
Campus Mail
Office Info: hfor@tjc.edu | (903) 510-3263
Mitch Marquis
Fleet Management & Central Supplies
Office Info: mmar2@tjc.edu | (903) 510-2006
James Heary
Moves & Set-ups
Office info:  jhea@tjc.edu | (903) 510-3263

CW Livingston
Moves & Set-ups
Office info:  cvil@tjc.edu | (903) 510-3263

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