Parking Regulations


Parking Permit

  • 1st – Included in tuition
  • 2nd - $5.00 paid at cashier’s office


  • 1st – included in tuition
  • If lost replacement is $15.00 payable at the cashier’s office

Parking citation fees:

Citation fees apply to all students, faculty and staff.

  • Service only: $25
  • Visitor’s Space: $25
  • Parking without a Permit: $25
  • Failure to Display Permit: $25
  • Improper Parking: $25
  • Occupying a Faculty Space: $25    
  • Occupying more than one space: $25
  • Parking in a Fire Lane: $25
  • Parking in the grass: $25
  • Parking in a Handicapped space: $500

Lanyard fee:
Failure to wear TJC ID and Lanyard: $25

Please be aware that Tyler Police Department and Smith County Sheriff’s Office patrol TJC campus as well. They have state authority to issue citations for Fire Lanes and Handicapped violations. If you receive a citation from one of those law enforcement agencies, you will need to follow the directions on the citation to appeal or be present in that specific court.