Parking Regulations

State Laws and Authority

All state laws and city ordinances are applicable and may be enforced on College District premises, and a referral may be made to the appropriate court of jurisdiction.  The TJC Police Department has the authority to regulate parking on TJC properties.

Vehicle Registration

All vehicles, as defined by state law, operated on the premises of the College District, must be registered with the TJC Police Department.  Faculty and staff may receive serially numbered parking permits at no charge from the TJC Police Department.  Faculty and staff must display the appropriate parking permit in order to park in the designated parking spaces.

Parking Fees

All full- and part-time students who operate a motor vehicle on property owned or controlled by the College District are required to register each vehicle with the TJC Police Department and pay any applicable parking fees.  A registration permit must be affixed to each vehicle in accordance with the parking rules and regulations of the College District, as set forth by the TJC Police Department.

Student permits, are authorized on a semester basis.  Permits are provided to students who show a receipt reflecting payment of current parking fees due.  Operation of a vehicle on property owned or controlled by the College District for which current semester parking fees have not been paid may result in a parking ticket from the TJC Police Department. The parking permit “sticker” shall remain on the registered vehicle.  The expiration date sticker, will be updated each semester and will be affixed to the parking permit.

In order to register a vehicle, a driver’s license, a student identification card, and the motor vehicle license number must be presented at the TJC Police Department, along with a receipt showing payment which indicates the student account reflects payments are current and clear.  The parking fees will be listed on the Web site of the TJC Police Department. 

State law requires disabled persons to obtain disability permits from county automobile registration departments in order to park in any disability zones.  A TJC parking permit will be issued to a disabled person’s vehicle at no charge.  

Temporary parking permits for a limited duration are available at the TJC Police Department.

Traffic and Parking

The following acts constitute a violation of traffic and parking regulations of the College District.

  1. Service only
  2. Visitor’s Space
  3. Parking without a Permit
  4. Failure to display Permit
  5. Improper Parking
  6. Occupying a Faculty Space
  7. Occupying more than one space
  8. Parking in a Fire Lane
  9. Parking on the grass
  10. Handicapped Parking

Violation Penalties

Faculty/Staff and Students will be issued citations for violations. Violations will be assessed a fine.  The penalties and fines for violations will be listed on the website of the TJC Police Department.  As listed on each citation, the fine must be paid or an appeal filed within 10 business days.    

Students with outstanding and overdue traffic fines will be reported to the registrar’s office of the College District.  Fines must be paid in full as a condition of reentry into the College District or to register for future semesters.

Faculty/Staff with outstanding and overdue traffic fines will be reported to Human Resources.  As listed on each citation, the fine must be paid or an appeal filed within 10 business days.  Fines not paid will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

For any unpaid fine a Hold will be placed on their account.  For students this Hold will apply to any future transactions with the College District.  For Faculty/Staff, in addition to the referral to Human Resources, ID badge and parking privileges will be suspended.  

Also see: TJC Student Handbook, Parking Regulations


Students may appeal their citations to the Student Conduct Officer.  Those decisions are governed by the Student Code of Conduct (Article III Section B-13.).

Faculty/Staff may appeal their citations, by filing an appeal at the TJC Police Department.  An Appeals Committee will meet monthly and once the decision is made by the Appeals Committee that decision will be final.

Faculty/Staff Appeals Committee (FSAC) Members
The FSAC will consist of 3 members.  Members will be as follows:
1 - Student member selected by the Student Senate President.
1 - Faculty member selected by the Provost.
1 – Staff member selected by the Provost  

The member’s terms will last one year and will expire August 31 of each year.   

Removal of vehicles from TJC property

TJC may have vehicles removed from TJC property, at the owner’s expense for the following reasons:

  1. Four or more parking violations
  2. Parking without a permit
  3. Parking on any sidewalk, lawn or reserved areas
  4. Any violation of the traffic and parking regulations
  5. Failure to obey the verbal order of any TJC Police Department personnel.
  6. Abandoned Vehicle.


Parking permit – The sticker that is placed on the outside lower back driver’s side window, with the TLC logo, permit number and a place for the expiration date sticker.
Expiration date sticker – The colored sticker that has an ending/expiration date for the semester attending TJC.
Faculty Parking – Parking lots that have a Faculty only sign, white in color.
Student Parking – Parking lots that have Student only sign, Gold in color.
Resident Parking – Parking lots that have Residence only sign, Black in color.