Parking Regulations


The growth of the College population and the increasing number of vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, and pedestrians make it necessary that students drive and park in an orderly manner. Their safety, the effective operation of the College and their common welfare depend upon being mutually considerate.

All members of the College community are therefore urged to familiarize themselves with the College parking and traffic regulations and to cooperate in respecting them.

ARTICLE 1: State Laws and Authority

All state laws and city ordinances are applicable and may be enforced on College premises, and referral may be made to the appropriate court of jurisdiction. Traffic on campus must abide by the speed limit of ten (10) miles per hour. All vehicles must stop when approaching an occupied crosswalk.

ARTICLE II: Vehicle Registration

Section 1: All vehicles, as defined by state law, operated on College premises, must be registered with the Campus Police Office, and the permit must be properly displayed.

Section 2: Students who have been ticketed for a violation must pay the violation fee in the Cashier’s Office.

Section 3: The parking permits are recognized for one academic year, but must be validated with a sticker for each semester. Students requiring an additional or replacement hangtags are assessed a $5.00 fee

ARTICLE III: Campus Security Fees

Section 1: Permits are provided to students who show a College receipt reflecting payment of current campus security fees due and indicating a zero account balance.

Section 2: In order to register a vehicle, a driver’s license, student identification card and motor vehicle license number must be presented at the Campus Police Office, along with a College receipt showing payment of current parking fees and indicating a zero account balance.

Long Term $25
Short Term (Summer Session) $15

Mini-Term $12

ARTICLE IV: Display of Permit

Section 1: The parking permit must be properly displayed at all times while the vehicle is on college owned property. Parking permits must be clearly visible and cannot be obscured in any way.

Section 2: The correct way to display a parking permit is by hanging the permit from the vehicle’s rear view mirror, facing the front of the vehicle, clearly visible through the front windshield.

Section 3: Motorbikes, motorcycles, and motor scooters will have the parking permit affixed to the vehicle’s gas tank, front forks, or a location easily seen.

Section 4: Parking permits may not be altered in any way.

ARTICLE V: Handicapped Persons

State law requires handicapped persons to obtain handicapped permits from county automobile registration departments in order to park in any handicapped zones. Faculty, staff, or students may park in any handicap space, provided they are displaying a valid state approved handicap permit.

Parking spaces for disabled persons are clearly marked throughout campus. Students displaying handicap license plates or a rearview mirror tag are required to register their vehicles and display a valid Tyler Junior College parking permit in conjunction with their handicap permit.

If a student has special needs, special parking permits are available in the Campus Police Office during regular business hours. For more information contact Campus Police at (903) 510-2258.

ARTICLE VI: Traffic and Parking Regulations

The following acts constitute a violation of traffic and parking regulations of Tyler Junior College:

  1. Service only
  2. Visitors space
  3. Parking without a permit
  4. Failure to display permit
  5. Improper parking
  6. Faculty space
  7. Occupying more than one space
  8. Fire lane
  9. Parking on grass
  10. Handicap space without proper permit

Parking fines are established at $25.00, except Parking in a handicapped spaces without proper permit, which is a violation of state law and the fine is $50.00.

Payment must be made within ten (10) days. Students should make payment in person or mail a check or money order to:

Tyler Junior College, Cashier’s Office
P.O. Box 9020,

Tyler, TX 75711-9020

Please include the student’s A# or Social Security Number and a copy of the ticket that is being paid.

Appeal forms are available in the Campus Police Office during regular office hours. Appeals must be filed within ten (10) days or the citation is assumed valid.

ARTICLE VII: Violation Penalties

Section 1: A parking space is defined as a space lined in white or yellow stripes on both sides.

Section 2: If a student sells his/her vehicle or trades it in for another vehicle, the student must remove the permit. Failure to do so may cause the student to pay fees assessed to the new owner.

Section 3: Students with outstanding and overdue parking fines are reported to the Registrar’s Office of the College. Fees must be paid in full as a condition of re-entry into Tyler Junior College or to register for future semesters.

ARTICLE VIII: General Parking

Section 1: Students must park in designated student parking spaces only.

Section 2: Students may park in any parking lot after 5:00 p.m. with three exceptions. The parking lot in front of Potter Hall will be reserved for faculty and staff at all times. The first two rows of the covered lot, underneath Pirtle Technology building, will also be reserved for faculty and staff at all times. The executive parking area behind the White’s Administration Building will be reserved at all times.

Section 3: Bicycles must park in a bicycle rack. Racks are located south of the H.P.E. Center and on the north side of Pirtle Technology, Phase II, under the stairs.

Section 4: Visitor parking is provided for visitors only. No person currently enrolled may park in this area for any length of time.

Section 5: The issuance of a parking permit in itself is no guarantee of a parking space near the place where one attends classes, resides, or works. The responsibility of finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle’s operator/owner/student, and lack of space is not a valid excuse for violations of any parking regulations.

ARTICLE IX: Removal of Vehicles from Tyler Junior College

Tyler Junior College may have vehicles removed from the premises at the owner’s expense for the following reasons:

  1. Four (4) or more parking violations per semester
  2. Parking a vehicle on campus without a permit
  3. Parking on any lawn, sidewalk, or reserved area
  4. Any violation of Article VI of these regulations
  5. Failure to obey the verbal order of any Tyler Junior College Campus Police Officer or Guard
  6. Vehicles abandoned for a period of more than thirty (30) days.