Online Tutoring

In addition to the traditional face-to-face option, students may choose to use online tutoring services.  The Learning Services for Web Conferencing platform allows Tyler Junior College flexibility in the way students learn, collaborate, and make use of real-time tutoring opportunities.  

In particular, this platform seeks out blended strategies that aim to increase learner interactivity, participation, and access for both online and in-person learners. The basic features expected from this platform is the ability to upload and display presentations, documents, or other media; a chat function; and a white board. The College is able to purchase various levels of participant limits and customize platform features based on its needs, for example: students can view in-person, online, and blended sessions at any time and location. They can also obtain supplemental materials distributed electronically during these sessions.  Professors are encouraged to speak to students about online tutoring services in their “Online Orientation” and/or provide a link to the services from within their online course.  Also, tutoring staff members often make presentations about their services during online orientations when invited by the professors.

Online Tutoring through the Writing Center

Students that are interested in Writing Center tutoring electronically, please follow these instructions.

  • Email professor's assignment, your written paper, and specific questions for tutor to Danna Baggett at
  • Check email for message from Danna Baggett containing your paper with tutor's comments.  The comments can be found in the margin of your paper.  Papers will be returned 24-48 hours after submission, based on tutor availability. 

Please, note that papers emailed to the Writing Center on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, will be returned on Monday or Tuesday of the next week. Electronic tutoring assignments are assigned to tutors to work on in between their face-to-face sessions.