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Online Course Sharing via DigiTex

If you are unable to take a course at TJC because all sections are full or the course is not offered during the current semester, you may be able to take the course online from another college through DigiTex course sharing. DigiTex, formerly known as the Virtual College of Texas (VCT), is a statewide consortium that provides, as one of its services, course sharing between community colleges in Texas. The course sharing is done through Acadeum College Consortium.   

You will pay all tuition and fees for your course to TJC and will take the course online from a consortium college that is teaching the needed course. Upon completion of the course, your grades are automatically sent back to TJC and appear on your TJC transcript as a TJC course. Proctored exams may be completed at the TJC Testing Center, an approved high school, or other approved off-campus locations.

To see what courses are available go to:

Contact the Distance Education office at 903-510-2529 or to register for a course via course sharing.