Our statement on civility

In keeping with its rich traditions, Tyler Junior College pledges to maintain a civil campus climate in which students, employees and visitors can experience a safe, mutually supportive, academically encouraging, egalitarian and tolerant community.

Tyler Junior College expects all students, faculty and staff members and groups to exercise civility. Civility has been defined as “good citizenship or orderly behavior” (Oxford Dictionary).

“Civility is characterized by an authentic respect for others when expressing disagreement, disparity or controversy. It involves time, presence, a willingness to engage in genuine discourse and a sincere intention to seek common ground.” (“Perceptions of Civility,” Lynn M. Disbrow & Carolyn M. Prentice).

TJC does not tolerate the subjection of another person, group or class of persons to inappropriate, abusive, threatening, or demanding actions.

Important Elements of Civility

The membership of the Civility Task Force has identified the following as important elements for individuals' consideration in an effort to work toward civility:


  • Respect for all persons
  • Respect for the rights and privacy of others
  • A genuine interest in the differences in people, ideas and opinions
  • Absence of bigotry
  • Acting with integrity