Tyler Junior College

Maintenance Requests

The mission of Facilities & Construction is to provide an optimum environment to support the programs which sustain the three promises of Tyler Junior College:  a quality education, vibrant student life, and community service.  We seek to achieve this goal through teamwork, foresight and innovation in caring for the physical environment of the campus and by fostering its continuous improvement through capital projects, facilities maintenance, landscaping, energy management, and green initiatives.

Work Order Initiation

Routine maintenance requests may be initiated by e-mailing Becky Bonilla, or by calling (903) 510-2252 during business hours (7 AM – 4 PM).

Emergency maintenance requests should be initiated by calling (903) 510-2252. To initiate an emergency maintenance request after business hours, call Campus Safety at (903) 510-2222. If the maintenance request after business hours is not of an emergency nature, it should be reported to the Maintenance Department on the next business day. When requesting routine or emergency maintenance work, please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Description of problem: i.e., water leak, gas leak, electrical problem, temperature problem, odor, etc.
  • Location: i.e., building, floor, room number (closest), department, etc.

Emergency Maintenance

Emergency maintenance will be initiated immediately for the protection of health, safety, and security of Tyler Junior College Property, or to prevent damage to property. Some examples of emergency maintenance work are:

  • Gas leaks
  • Electrical problems that could lead to personal harm, damage to property, or result in power failure affecting occupied buildings.
  • Loss of heat during periods of extreme cold when there is a danger of freezing.
  • Loss of air conditioning where it is required for data processing, laboratories, or other essential purposes, or loss of air conditioning in dormitories during the cooling period.
  • Partial or total breakdown of cold storage/food preservation systems which may result in deterioration of perishable items.
  • Complete restriction or inoperative plumbing fixtures or drain lines where no alternative utilities are available in the building.
  • Severe plumbing or roof leaks where damage to a building or its contents cannot be prevented.
  • Inoperable door locks or broken glass when it is necessary to close a building for security.
  • Problems arising from flash floods and storms to include plugged drainage, fallen trees, landslides, and other barricades.
  • Oil spills, hazardous waste spills or other environmentally related clean-ups.
  • Fire suppression and detection systems.
  • Repair of security gates and fences.
  • Work which is directed by the President, Tyler Junior College.
  • Urgent work which due to an extended holiday weekend must be initiated to avoid the possibility of an emergency, to prevent unlivable conditions or to provide the continuance of on-going missions.

Facilities & Construction - Maintenance Department

  • The first available craftsman will complete routine maintenance work. Work in this category generally shall be done in the most economical manner, on a first-come, first served basis. These maintenance work requests are intended to alleviate an unsightly condition, or facilitate better facilities operations.
  • Requests to alter or renovate existing facilities must be approved by your Dean or Director. Final approval must be obtained from the President, Tyler Junior College.
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