Academy of Music

The TJC Academy of Music seeks to prepare beginner, intermediate, and advanced students in the art of music. Courses are offered for students of all ages, ranging from 6 to adult.

The purpose is to provide exceptional training to those interested in improving musical skill and those intending to choose music as a profession.

Emphasis is placed on proper technique of the applied instrument, through private or classroom settings, as well as the artistry required for performance. Courses include private study of a variety of instruments, including guitar, voice, piano, and a selection of wind and percussion instruments.

Performance Opportunities

A TJC Academy of Music Showcase will be scheduled for the end of the spring semester for those enrolled in private lessons. Those enrolled in a class will have an end-of-course showcase on the final day of class. A small performance fee is required for recitals. The Showcase is optional and not required.


Instructors have a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, including current and former TJC professors, area musicians, and teachers. All instructors are required to follow a syllabus determined by the TJC Music Department faculty in order to ensure the highest quality of instruction.

Upcoming Events

Private Lessons

  • Guitar (8 and older)
  • Piano (6 and older)
  • Voice (13 and older)
  • Brass Instruments (12 and older)
  • Woodwind Instruments (12 and older)

For more information on individual classes, see the Continuing Studies catalog

Enrollment and Registration

Enrollment in courses is completed through the TJC School of Continuing Studies. The Continuing Education registration office is located at the TJC West Campus or by calling 903-501-2900.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons Private lessons are for those students who are deemed more advanced or ready to participate in a more intense study of the instrument. Lessons are open to all ages ranging from 6 to adult. Students are expected to be able to receive constructive critique on the instrument, so a certain level of maturity is expected. Lessons are either 30 minutes for beginners or 60 minutes for more advanced students.

Private lessons in certain instruments are limited according to age due to the physical development required for the instrument and/or the intensity of the course material. Exceptions are only made by audition before the Academy of Music faculty. All private lessons require an interview prior to registration.

To schedule an interview, call the TJC Music Department Office at 903-510-2214. Instructors reserve the right to refuse students if deemed not ready for private lessons.

Private lessons are scheduled individually with the teacher. Once registration occurs, the teacher will contact the student regarding a lesson time. Once a mutually agreed time is selected, no changes may be made. Missed lessons will not be refunded or rescheduled.

New Students

Placement in courses is determined by the Academy of Music Faculty and is based on the level of ability and age of the registering student. The age limit for certain courses, developed by TJC Music Department faculty, is strictly adhered to. New students should contact the Department Chair of Music, C. Jeanie Oxler, at or 903-510-2202, regarding course placement prior to registration.

Returning Students

Returning Students Students having already completed courses through the Academy of Music will be advised on appropriate course selections prior to registration.