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Faculty Evaluation


The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) requires accredited institutions to conduct an effective faculty evaluation. According to the SACS Criteria for Accreditation (Section III) 3.7.2, Criteria and Procedures for Evaluation: The institution regularly evaluates the effectiveness of each faculty member in accord with published criteria, regardless of contractual or tenured status. (http://www.sacscoc.org/principles.asp)

To ensure compliance with the SACS requirement, the TJC Board of Trustees adopted Policy DLA (Local) which states: “All College District employees shall be periodically evaluated in the performance of their duties...Employees shall be informed of the criteria on which they will be evaluated...Evaluations shall be based on the evaluation instrument and cumulative performance data gathered by supervisors throughout the year.”


The Faculty Performance and Development Evaluation System provides a venue for all faculty members to be proactive and responsive in the improvement of instruction through multifaceted evaluations and development opportunities.


The Faculty Performance and Development Evaluation System is built upon instructional observations through:

  • Official self-evaluation by individual faculty member (Faculty Performance and Development Evaluation Form).
  • Official evaluation conducted annually in face-to-face meetings by each faculty member’s supervisor to plan, demonstrate, and complete professional goal/objectives to enhance job performance (Faculty Performance and Development Evaluation Form).
  • Official unannounced classroom observations by a supervisor, as needed [Required for adjunct professors. School district dual credit adjunct faculty observations will be scheduled]. Hybrid classes may elect to use the Classroom and/or Online Observation Checklist (Classroom, Clinical, Lab, Music and Dance, or Online Observation Checklists)
  • Student evaluations conducted in each class during every long semester (SIR II). Packets will be distributed through each respective Dean’s office.

It is the sole responsibility of each School’s Dean to acquire all official evaluation documents, forward copies to Human Resources for permanent storage, and make employment recommendations.

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