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TJC Semester in Italy

At this time, all available places have been filled for the 2014 Study Abroad in Italy. If you have any questions about this and future trips, please contact the program co-directors.

Month Long Art Travel/Study Experience in Florence, Italy

When? June 19–July 18, 2014

This trip is a collaborative venture between the Art Department and the TJC Honors Program.

Students will enroll in 1–2 Art and/or Creative Writing classes taught by Professors Chris Stewart and T. J. McLemore in Florence, Italy, at the Santa Reparata International School of Art. Scholarships are available; contact either program director for details.

Cost: Airfare, TJC tuition, housing, living expenses, and miscellaneous travel and access fees estimated at between $3,000 and $4,000 per student (all-inclusive). Additional scholarship funds may be available. For more information, please contact either program director.

Credits: 3–6

Project Co-Directors:
Chris Stewart, Art Professor and Department Chair, 903-510-2234,
T. J. McLemore, Honors Program Director and Professor of English, 903-510-2895,

Who can come? This semester abroad is open to all students. TJC Honors students and Art majors will be given first preference. All participating students must enroll in at least one of the approved TJC courses.

What courses will be taught? The possible offerings this summer will include: Studio Art courses in Drawing and Printmaking; Lecture Art Courses in Art History and Art Appreciation; a Creative Writing course in the techniques of fiction, poetry, and travel writing; and a Literature course covering the works of American Writers in Italy. Honors Program students will take these courses for honors credit (up to 6 hours). Final decisions about course offerings will be made based on participant needs.

How do I sign up? Because enrollment will be limited to 10–12 students, and since a firm financial commitment to the trip must be demonstrated months in advance, all students who wish to participate in TJC’s Semester in Italy must submit a brief online application. Please click the "Submit your application" button to access the application form.

Contact Information

Chris Stewart
Art Professor and Department Chair

T. J. McLemore
Honors Program Director and Professor of English

More Details:

During your month of classes in Florence, you’ll be studying some of the world’s greatest art in the city where it was made—the “Cradle of the Renaissance.” Classes will visit a multitude of art museums, including the Uffizi (containing Botticelli’s Birth of Venus) and the Galleria Dell'Accademia (containing Michaelangelo’s David), both in the studying of art (ARTS 1301) and in the writing of travel narratives and poems (ENGL 2307). We’ll also be studying the city of Florence itself via walking tours and cultural programs through Santa Reparata, our host institution.

 Further, although Florence offers more than enough to keep you busy for your month there, you’ll also have the opportunity to see more of Italy (since you’ve flown all the way over there). Weekend trips will be available to Siena, Venice, and Rome. Please note that these “side” trips may require funds beyond the estimated expenses for the trip.

This will be a trip you’ll never forget (and we haven’t even mentioned the food). Please join us.

Fulfilling TJC's 3 Promises
A Quality Education: This semester abroad in Florence, Italy, is an interdisciplinary, academic study abroad experience, the kind of experience rarely available through a two-year institution. You will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make and study art and literature in the “Cradle of the Renaissance.” Your classes will be taught by TJC Art Professor and Art Department Chair, Chris Stewart, and by Honors Program Director and English Professor T.J. McLemore. Professor McLemore, though extensive classical study and travel in the region, is well-versed with Roman history and serve as guide and Latin translator in addition to teaching creative writing and literature. Professor Stewart has worked at the Santa Reparata School before, having led a group of 9 TJC students to Florence in summer 2012. He has over 20 years of college teaching experience and is well-versed in the history and traditions of Italy.
Vibrant Student Life: In Italy, you will have a vibrant, study-based international experience—a vital component to a college education—while engaging closely with your fellow TJC students. In addition, you will interact with students from all over the country and the world. The relationships you will develop during this experience will last well beyond the month you are in Italy, potentially lasting a lifetime. You’ll not only bring home photographs, stories, and memories from the trip, but also an international mindset.
Community Service: An extended foreign travel experience not only allows you to experience another culture as an “insider,” but ultimately grants you a better sense and appreciation of your own culture. In Florence, as you gain intimate knowledge of another places and its culture, we hope that you will come to value your own place in the world—even as you come to sense how small that place is. You will bring this knowledge and a sense of interconnectedness and international responsibility back to TJC when you return.
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