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Paying for College

At Tyler Junior College you have access to an affordable, high-quality education. Our Paying for College section will familiarize you with how much college classes will cost, as well as with different payment methods.

Don't let a lack of funds keep you from reaching your goals! There are options available to help you cover tuition, including:

Financial Aid - you should apply, don't assume you're not eligible!

Contact the Financial Aid Office
Email: faid@tjc.edu
Phone: 903-510-2385
Fax: 903-510-2794

Fax is the preferred method for submitting required documents. Please make sure to include your name and A# when sending these documents.

Scholarships - you should apply, don't assume you're not eligible!

Contact the Scholarship Office
Phone: 903-510-3234
Fax: 903-510-2632

Student Assistant/Work Study Programs

Allows you to get paid for working on campus

Installment Plans

Contact the Business Services Office
Email: businessservices@tjc.edu
Phone: 903-510-2569
Fax: 903-510-2580
Installment plans can be completed online through Apache Access.  

VA Bridge Loan - Option for Veterans

Contact the Admissions Office
Email: veterans@tjc.edu
Phone: 903-510-3750
Fax: 903-510-2161

Short URL to this page: www.tjc.edu/paying

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