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Test Proctoring

Test Proctoring

Taking a test for an online course doesn't need to be difficult, and you don't have to travel to TJC to take the test.

  • Read your course syllabus to check on date and time deadlines for each exam. These dates and times are the actual date and time at TJC, not your location. Check to see if your professor requires proctoring for any/or of all of their exams. If you are testing at the TJC testing center, a proctor agreement is not necessary.
  • You will need a completed TJC Proctor Agreement Form for each course, if proctoring is required. You will need to check to see if your professor allows any testing aids.
  • Your professor may include a copy of the Tyler Junior College proctor agreement form in their syllabus, but if not, please, follow these steps to print a copy for each course you are taking on-line.

To locate the proctor agreement form use the following link:

  1. Go to the bottom of the first page in the Testing website and click on Related Downloads.
  2. Under the TJC Testing Center Proctor Agreement heading, click on Proctor Agreement Form and print out this PDF form. (Remember you will need a completed form for each course requiring proctored exams.)
  • It is your responsibility to locate an approved test site for your exams. Approved sites can be a junior or community college, commercial testing center, the testing center at a military base or place of employment. Libraries, close personal friends, relatives, or job supervisors are not approved. You will need to always provide a photo ID before taking any exam. Please be aware that most proctor locations charge a fee. You are responsible for the payment of these fees.
  • You will need to complete the top portion of the Proctor Agreement Form and have your chosen proctoring site complete the middle section. The proctor must sign the Proctor Agreement Statement.
  • When this form is completed, please fax or e-mail the agreement to or 903/510-2702. The TJC testing center needs at least a week to process this form.
  • The TJC testing center staff will contact your proctor to verify that all requirements are met to enable your testing at their site.
  • They will then send the information needed for your exam to the approved proctor.
  • Remember it is your responsibility to contact your proctor and make the appointments needed for your testing.
  • If there are any problems with your testing , please contact us immediately at (903)510-2051.

Proctor Agreement Link: Download here