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Chick-fil-A hosts Saturday's science center event

Published Thursday, 7th June 2012

Chick-fil-A hosts Saturday's science center event

Coming Saturday to the Center for Earth & Space Science Education at TJC: Mummies … and cows.

The center’s newest domed theater show, "Egypt: Secrets of the Mummies" and corresponding exhibit, "Egypt: Myths & Mummies" opened this week, and Chick-fil-A is sponsoring Saturday’s events from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the center, located at 1400 E. Lake St.

"We hope everyone will come and check out the center’s exciting Egypt exhibit, watch a show, meet the famous Chick-fil-A cows and have some free chicken," said Dr. Tom Hooten, director of the science center.

For tickets, go to www.tjc.edu/cesse and use the code CFAFREE to receive a free child's admission with the purchase of an adult ticket. For more information, call the center at 903-510-2312.

The Egypt show and exhibits run through Sunday, Aug. 19.

"Egypt: Secrets of the Mummies" is a 30-minute film that explores the royal tombs of Egypt and follows the history of ancient society as told through the mummies of the past.

Narrated by Christopher Lee, the film follows explorers and scientists as they piece together the archaeological and genetic clues of Egyptian mummies. It also provides audiences with a window into the fascinating and mysterious world of the pharaohs.

The film is presented with support from Austin Bank.

In conjunction with the dome show, the center’s exhibit hall will have several interactive displays, including mummy CT scans, descriptions of how the mummification process works, a reproduction of the Rosetta Stone, a look at Egyptian mythology, mummies in pop culture, and a build-your-own-pyramid station.

For more information on this and other shows currently running at the Center for Earth & Space Science Education at TJC, go to www.tjc.edu/cesse or call 903-510-2312.

Elise Mullinix


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