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New wheels for campus safety officers

Published Monday, 13th June 2011

New wheels for campus safety officers

Tyler Junior College campus safety officers have a new tool at their disposal, in their efforts toward campus civility and community policing.

The College recently purchased two Diggler battery-powered scooters for patrol officers to ride throughout the main campus.

The scooters will contribute to the College's "green" or environmentally friendly practices while offering fast transport for officers who patrol the 90-acres of the main campus.

The Diggler scooters can go 20 miles on a single charge and have the ability to travel at speeds up to 30 mph. They have no seat but instead offer a skateboard-type platform that allows officers to stand up to 8 inches higher than their height while patrolling in parking lots and in landscaped areas.

The College has not purchased a new police car for three years, instead electing to add equipped bicycles to its force. Campus Safety has four bicycles in addition to the two new scooters.

"These are really a smart choice for our campus because they will save on gasoline, offer our officers the opportunity to go almost anywhere - including on grass and dirt surfaces - and further increase our officers' visibility on campus," said Dr. Mike Metke, TJC president.

The units cost about $3,200 each. Campus Safety Chief Randy Melton said the expenditure will be paid for in short time by reductions in the use of gas-powered cars.

Fred M. Peters


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