Tyler Junior College

New Employee Information

New Employees

  1. On the first day of employment, report to Human Resource Office (2nd floor WASC). Be sure to have your driver's license and social security card.
  2. You will receive a "New Hire" packet which will include the following:
    • Payroll and other required forms (W4, I9, EEO, Direct Deposit, Directory Information, English Proficiency)
    • Benefits Explanation Handout
  3. When all required paperwork is complete, the Director of Human Resources will approve the issuance of an A#. You will need this to secure a parking permit and ID card from Campus Security. You will also need your license plate number when registering for a parking permit.
  4. Arrangements should be made to meet with your immediate supervisor for additional information regarding your new duties.
  5. Depending on your responsibilities, you may be provided a computer, office space, and a phone for campus business. Your supervisor can help to arrange setup for you. The IT department will assign your TJC email address, a temporary password, your phone extension number and temporary voice mail code.
  6. If full-time, you will be expected to attend a New Employee Benefits Orientation session and New Employee Onboarding & Networking (NEON). The Human Resource Office will notify you of the date and time of the meeting.


Required orientation programs depend on your employee classification.

Professional Development Online Orientation

All employees will complete a brief online orientation and the link will be emailed to them. This short informational course introduces employees to the basics of professional development at Tyler Junior College including policy, professional development expectations, new programs, and the necessary skills to complete online training.

Onboarding & Benefits Orientation

All full-time employees attend an Onboarding & Benefits Orientation session during the first full month of employment. This face-to-face informational session is presented by the Benefits and Compensation Manager, Department of Human Resources and focuses on insurance, retirement, and other benefits offered through the College. During this meeting the Professional Development Specialist provides resources for new employees, information pertaining to the professional development onboarding program, and how to use the talent management system.

NOTE: Part-time employees are not required to attend a face-to-face orientation session but should complete Apache Online Orientation.

Apache Online Orientation

This program is offered online and is intended as an introduction to Tyler Junior College and is the primary orientation for part-time STAFF who are not required to complete the NEON course.

NOTE: Apache Online Orientation is embedded within the NEON program for full-time employees and into the AFT program for adjunct faculty. Campus Police and Grounds & Maintenance staff are not required to complete Apache Online Orientation.


The purpose of onboarding is to welcome and integrate new employees into the existing community, to prepare them for the vital tasks they will perform within the organization, and to provide continued support as they transition into their roles within the College.


Employees who participate in the Onboarding program will…

· Become knowledgeable about the College, its programs and services

· Become involved in the activities of the College

· Be equipped through classification-specific training

· Understand the legal and ethical challenges and mandates through compliance training

· Develop relationships with and provide collegial support to colleagues in other departments and at other campus locations through shared experiences

· Model a learning-centered environment while establishing an expectation of continual professional growth for future employees

Onboarding Design

The onboarding program for full-time employees at Tyler Junior College spans a complete year. During this time, new employees are oriented to the institution, equipped for their specific job responsibilities, and empowered through a culture of continuous learning. While these programs are primarily online, participants will meet face-to-face one afternoon per month.  

New adjunct faculty participate in an abbreviated onboarding program.