Tyler Junior College

New Employee Information

New Employees

  1. On the first day of employment, report to Human Resource Office (2nd floor WASC). Be sure to have your driver's license and social security card.
  2. You will receive a "New Hire" packet which will include the following:
    • Payroll and other required forms (W4, I9, EEO, Direct Deposit, Directory Information, English Proficiency)
    • Benefits Explanation Handout
  3. When all required paperwork is complete, the Director of Human Resources will approve the issuance of an A#. You will need this to secure a parking permit and ID card from Campus Security. You will also need your license plate number when registering for a parking permit.
  4. Arrangements should be made to meet with your immediate supervisor for additional information regarding your new duties.
  5. Depending on your responsibilities, you may be provided a computer, office space, and a phone for campus business. Your supervisor can help to arrange setup for you. The IT department will assign your TJC email address, a temporary password, your phone extension number and temporary voice mail code.
  6. If full-time, you will be expected to attend a New Employee Benefits Orientation session and New Employee Orientation. The Human Resource Office will notify you of the date and time of the meeting.

Benefits and Compensation

A benefits meeting will be scheduled sometime during the month of your initial date of employment. Here you will learn about insurance, retirement, and other benefits offered by TJC. The Human Resource Office will notify you of the date, time, and location of the meeting.

New Employee Orientation

The goal of New Employee Orientation is to welcome new staff members and help answer many of the questions they typically have when starting a new job. Employees will learn about important policies and procedures. Orientation will also provide tools employees can use to find answers as a new member of the TJC community. New employee/staff training is scheduled in conjunction with the Benefits Orientation and as a session during Convocation week in the fall and spring.

New Faculty Orientation

Training for new faculty will begin during Convocation week in the fall and spring.

Online Orientation Program

All new employees should complete the Apache Online Orientation during the first month of employment.

CLICK HERE for access to the training.


The following links provide important information you will need as an employee of the College.