Tyler Junior College

Vacations and Holidays

The following information is directly from the Tyler Junior College Board Policy.

Vacation Leave

Full-time, 12-month personnel are eligible for vacation leave. Except as provided in this policy, teaching faculty will not be eligible for vacation leave, but will take the holidays for instructional personnel specified in the College calendar.

Eligible employees shall earn vacation leave in accordance with the following schedule:

Length of Employment Vacation Hours
1st through 7th years 6.67 hrs/month - 10 days
8th through 10th years 8.00 hrs/month - 12 days
11th through 15th years 10.00 hrs/month - 15 days
16th year and over 13.33 hrs/month - up to 20 days/year

Personnel on leave of absence without pay will not earn vacation during such absence nor will the time be counted in determining their length of employment for vacation purposes.

The following schedule outlines vacation accrual:

Days per year Maximum Accumulation Information
10, 12, 15 May accumulate for 24 months but carry over maximum shall be current 12-month amount at each fiscal year-end
20 May accumulate to total of 30 days, but carry over maximum shall be 20 days at current fiscal year-end

Vacation earned in a fiscal year (September 1 through August 31) must be taken before August 31 of the following fiscal year. Unused vacation may accrue to the maximum earned in a two-year (24 month) period. An employee who has reached this maximum figure ceases to accrue more vacation.

The maximum accumulation of vacation leave for employees with increased earning potential (16 years of employment and above) shall be no more than 30 days.

Terminating employees shall be paid for up to 20 days of unused vacation time earned since September 1 of the preceding fiscal year.

Part-time and temporary employees are not eligible for vacation leave.


Recognized holidays for non-teaching personnel including administration and office staff shall follow the annual holiday schedule as prescribed by the office of the College President. Faculty and students shall observe the holiday schedule in accordance with the general College calendar published within the annual College catalog.