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Organizational and Professional Development

Center for Organizational and Professional Growth and Development

Center for Organizational and Professional Growth and Development

The Center for Organizational and Professional Growth and Development mission is to advance the Tyler Junior College promises of a quality education, vibrant student life, and community service by equipping all employees with resources and opportunities designed to engage, inspire, and transform professional practice, and by extension, impact institutional success.


The Center is integral to the success of Tyler Junior College. We will:

·         Become a professional development center focused on excellence, providing a comprehensive and systemic program of personal and professional growth and development for all employees of the College

·         Become the exemplar of best practices in professional and organizational development

·         Become a regional hub in East Texas for professional and organizational development

·         Be recognized locally and globally for our commitment to the well-being of our employees, to innovative training that supports best professional practice, and to providing an exceptional product to our constituents

·         Become a leader in teaching and learning through professional growth opportunities that engage faculty, inspire scholarship, and transform professional practice resulting in a greater impact on student and institutional success

Core Values

·         Academic Excellence

·         Collaboration and Teamwork

·         Continuous Learning

·         Employee- and Student-centric Service

·         Integrity

·         Meaningful Communication

·         Mutual Respect

·         Reflection


The Center assists staff, faculty, and administration by creating the highest quality learning environment. We:

·         Welcome opportunities for our own professional growth

·         Identify the needs of the community, the students, and the employees we serve and use that information to guide programs and services

·         Practice planning and decision-making informed by data and best professional judgment

·         Support initiatives that advance institutional mission, vision, and values

·         Use benchmarks and best practices to support institutional initiatives

·         Recognize challenges, collaborate to discern their root causes, and seek to discover and implement effective solutions

·         Evaluate the effectiveness of training sessions and strive to make continual improvement to our product

·         Expect and communicate high expectations for ourselves and our colleagues

·         Promote - individually and collectively – a positive image of the College to all segments of the community we serve

·         Assume personal and collective stewardship responsibilities

Program Components

·         Offer multi-modal opportunities: online, self-paced, face-to-face, and hybrid courses

·         Provide opportunities for all employees: support staff, new staff, new faculty, adjunct faculty, novice professors, seasoned professors, educational leadership and administration

·         Maintain a collection of professional development resources: journals, online resources, books, videos, and workshop materials from previous events

·         Research and maintain a database of professional opportunities sponsored by local, state, national and global organizations

·         Communicate through e-newsletters, email, professional development website, and marketing materials and provide documentation of events

·         Encourage presenters from within the College to share best practices with others

·         Invite to campus local, regional, national, and global presenters whose expertise aligns with the College’s vision of professional development

·         Welcome individual consultations

Course Offerings

Topics are selected based on user interest and best practices for both instruction and general productivity enhancement. Specific courses offered are based upon user interest, current needs, staffing, and calendar availability.


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Professional Development

Maggie Ruelle
Professional Development Specialist
Vaughn Library, 2nd floor

Email: mrue@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-2724