Tyler Junior College

Organizational and Professional Development


Professional development is the continuous process of acquiring proficiencies that advance one's profession or that apply to one's job responsibilities and work environment, thereby supporting the goals of the College.


Professional development at TJC is a comprehensive program focused on the identification, design, and implementation of employee training needs and professional development initiatives intended to stimulate systemic growth and effectiveness at the College.

Professional development personnel serve as a resource for administration, faculty, and staff as they work to satisfy professional development requirements of the College, for new and/or novice professors whose background may not include training in the art and science of teaching and learning, for seasoned faculty as they engage in a process of continual growth and renewal, and for any employee who has a desire to improve themselves personally or in the effectiveness of their job performance.


The professional development program serves to advance the Tyler Junior College promises of a quality education, vibrant student life, and community service by equipping all employees with resources and opportunities designed to engage, inspire, and transform professional practice, and by extension, impact student success.

What Qualifies as Professional Development?

Professional development opportunities include – but are not limited to:

  • Convocation
  • Discipline Enrichment
  • Focused Training for Strategic Initiatives (AtD, QEP)
  • Health, Fitness & Well-being
  • Leadership Development
  • Professional Responsibility
  • Risk Management
  • Scholarship and Praxis of Teaching and Learning
  • Technology

What Does NOT Qualify as Professional Development?

Activities NOT considered professional development include – but are not limited to:

  • Work considered part of one’s regular professional responsibilities per job descriptions (department/division meetings, committee work, curriculum planning, grading, etc.)
  • Membership in or service to professional organizations *
  • Community service/volunteer work *

*NOTE: Although not considered professional development, these activities represent a professional commitment to the College and our community. While not required, they are highly encouraged as they support the 3rd promise of Tyler Junior College.

Awarding Credit

Courses are awarded credit in one of three ways: Credit Hours (CRE), Continuing Education Units (CEU), or Contact Hours (CNT).

Credit Guidelines

Credit Hours (CRE) - A three credit course is the equivalent of approximately 48 hours (a 16-week semester x 3 hours of class time per week).

Continuing Education Units (CEU) - One continuing education unit represents approximately 10 contact hours and are primarily used to represent credit earned in workshops and at conferences sponsored by non-TJC groups.

Contact Hours (CNT) - Contact hours have a 1:1 equivalent. Most TJC professional development events will award credit as contact hours.

Course Descriptions

Topics are selected based on user interest and best practices for both instruction and general productivity enhancement. Specific courses offered are based upon user interest, current needs, staffing, and calendar availability. Calendar of scheduled sessions can be viewed at MyPD on Apache Access.

Professional Development

Connie Russell
Professional Development Specialist
Vaughn Library, 2nd floor

Email: profdev@tjc.edu

Telephone: 903-510-2203